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Damir Ivanov, 3 years old

Date of birth: 14 August 2009.

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder (hypoplastic left heart). It is needed to pay for the surgery in German cardiology health center, the cost is EUR 38100.
16 December 2013

Damir undergone the first heart surgeries in Moscow, in Bakulev Science Cardiology Center. Now another surgery needs to be performed, hopefully, this will be the final one. It can be done in Russia, our surgeons have been on the same level of mastership with their European colleagues for a long time already. However, the conditions for treating and monitoring the patients after complicated surgeries still leave much to be desired. Most losses associated with cardiology surgeries happen not on the surgical table, but in the intensive care wards.

The previous post-surgery period was extremely hard for Damir, they could hardly save the boy. The thought that the boy, who has survived through so many surgeries, will not be able to survive through the final one.

From his mother’s letter:

To see you child dying on your hands is horrible. The signs of impairment in blood circulation have appeared: he gets tired very quickly, he has bad appetite, any load makes his lips blue — the heart can not manage this load, it needs help. My son’s heart can be saved in Berlin cardiology health center. I have studied the statistical data for this clinic — with our extremely complicated heart disorder the death rate is almost zero. But who will help me and my husband? The cost of a surgery is huge, our income compared to it is tiny. I understand that we are asking for too much, since in Russia they do not refuse to perform this surgery. But these unfortunate percents of death can deprive our only son of his life!

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