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Ivashchenko Luba, 13 years old

Date of birth: 7 June 2003.
Chelyabinsk Oblast, Troitsk.

Diagnosis: Kidney hypoplasia, End-stage chronic kidney failure. Transplantation is the only way to save the girl. Luba’s mother will become a kidney donor for the girl and will provide her with the organ. We beg you to help in purchasing the medicine ‘Soliris’ at a cost of RUB 525 000. It is to be injected during the operation to minimize the risk of rejection of the transplant and to maintain its functioning.
16 March 2017

Luba’s health has always been very fragile. He girl had problems with her eye-sight; she often was unwell. When her parents had divorced, her state of health deteriorated considerably. Her elder brother and her younger sister were brave, but Luba despaired completely. Finally, the girl was taken to hospital, and the reason for such a poor state of health was revealed — her adrenals were not functioning properly. No one knew for sure why and how it had happened. Several medicines were prescribed Luba, and the girl was stabilized. But in last November she was taken to hospital again; this time she spent nearly a month in the Emergency Department. Her kidneys almost stopped functioning. Today the girl daily needs kidney dialysis to remain alive. The transplantation should be performed in the nearest future — there is no other way to save Luba’s life.

Luba’s mother has to take care of her three children on her own after her husband had left the family. The woman is ready to give her children everything she has; so, when a question was posed who would become a kidney donnor, she agreed to become the one at once. The organ of a deceased donnor should be awaited, and Luba may not have that much time. The only problem about the operation the woman cannot solve is the purchase of the medicine ‘Soliris’. Meanwhile, it may twice the lifetime for the kidney and will relieve the girl from the necessity of taking steroids after the operation. RUB 525 000 is really an enormous sum for the family.

‘To twice the lifetime for the kidney’ looks like a phrase from a data sheet of some househpld device. Behind the phrasing, typical of medical language suitable for prescribing ‘Soliris’, there are thirty years —potential thirty years. For a person of 13, undergoing the operation, it seems to be quite a long period. If Luba’s state of health keeps on deteriorating, the operation will be performed in any way — with the medicine or without it. But there is a chance to perform it orderly and thus to give the girl a long life. We beg you to help!

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