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Kalashnick Yaroslav, 8 years old

Date of birth: 30 November 2006.
Stavropol Krai, Vozdvizhenskoye village.

Diagnosis: Congenital right-side thoracic scoliosis. Doctors strongly recommend that the boy should permanently wear the Cheneau corset to stop the progression of the spinal curvature. It costs RUB 90 000 to make the corset. There are three children in Yaroslav’s family, and their parents will not manage to bear such a great expense on their own. They do need your help!
8 October 2015

The Kalashnick family has faced a huge problem. Their middle child — Yaroslav — needs a medical aid at a cost of an annual income of the family. They do not have such a sum; there is no time to raise it. Any way, the family of three children and two adults would need some money to get by, until they collected a full sum.

At the core of the problem is a superfluous vertebra, with which Yaroslav was born. As he was getting older, the vertebra was increasingly influencing the whole spine so that it was bending. Today the degree of the spine curve is really high; moreover, the boy’s thorax has started to deform.

Some urgent measures should be taken to halt the progression of the disease. And for Yaroslav the only medically appropriate measure is wearing the Cheneau corset. But for his parents its cost of RUB 90 000 is absolutely unaffordable. In the village they live such a sum is a result of long months of hard and backbreaking labour. Yaroslav’s father is a builder; his mother is on maternity leave. It turns out to be that they have no possibility of giving their son any help without your assistance. Please, help!

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