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Kalinin Ilia, 5 years old

Date of birth: 12 October 2011.
Penza Oblast, Beriozovka village.

Diagnosis: Bilateral Hearing loss, a condition after having a cochlear implant (CI) implanted. Your help is required to pay for a speech processor at a cost of RUB 430 000.
2 November 2016

Have you ever lost or left behind anything valuable?

Once I went away from the bus without a rucksack with a camera and several camera lenses inside. I enjoy making photos; it was my first vacant day and I had just arrived to one of the most picturesque places on the globe. To me the situation seemed to be a real disaster… for a couple of hours, as the bus with the rucksack was arriving at its destination and then driving back. The driver handed my lost property back to me safe and sound.

Natalia Kalinina also left her bag behind on the bus this summer. For her the bag was very important, as it contained a whole world – the world of sound that hears her little son Ilia. The boy has hearing problems since he was born; in fact, he cannot hear a sound. So, three years ago he had a cochlear implant implanted. This is a highly sophisticated piece equipment, that is comprised of a receiver, a microphone and a transmitter. The receiver is implanted into a child's brain, while the transmitter is an external component. CI can be carried in a pocket or clipped to clothes and taken off if it is the case.

That day Natalia and Ilia were coming back home from Penza, where they visit their speech therapist once a month. They should consult the specialist oftener, but how could they possibly afford it? It takes a lot of time to get to the city; so that day Ilia fell asleep. His mother switched off the external component of the processor and put the device into her bag, so that their neighbours' talks did not disturb the boy. When Natalia arrived at her destination, she got off the bus holding the son in her arms. She realised what a terrible thing had happened only when Ilia waked up and started to hit his ears. It goes without saying that next morning Natalia got on the first bus to Penza, and three hours later was rushing from one driver to another and tearfully was trying to express how important for her was the bag. Naturally, everybody had a lot of sympathy for the woman, but no one could help, since there was nobody to notice the bag. Later on Natalia wrote to the Ministry of Health to confess and to ask for another speech processor. According to the law, however, the boy can not be provided with another speech processor until 2017-2018, when the allotted money will be donated.

Now, it becomes dangerous to leave Ilia without being watched, since he does not have a speech processor: he cannot hear a car or a bicycle approaching, he cannot be warned against potentially dangerous actions or explained what things he should avoid. In addition, he is deprived of a fairy tale before going to bed, of watching cartoons, communicating with his family – of all things that make a child's life full and happy. We beg you to help in raising RUB 430 000 to buy the piece of equipment. Let the boy hear, let him start speaking!

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