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Kalyuzhin Styopa, 5 years old

Date of birth: 27 November 2010.
The Komi Republic, Ukhta city.

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect (Coarctation of the aorta, CoA). The child has to undergo an operation that requires specialist medical equipment. The operation itself is free of charge, but the family has to pay for the equipment. It costs RUB 135 400, and the family cannot afford it. We beg you to help Styopa!
14 September 2016

Coarctation of the aorta — in other words, aortic narrowing — is a serious and sever defect that goes through several stages. Now Styopa is being at the second stage, which is characterised by improving of the symptoms. It can explain the fact that the boy feels all right on the whole; he is even able to challenge some fitness testing norms at kindergarten, such as pull-ups, jogging and jumping. But the boy will soon pass through this stage, just in four or five years. Then the symptoms of the illness will occur one after another and will be developing further — shortness of breath, the poor circulation of the blood, lassitude and even Heart failure (HF) . That is why the doctors insist that the boy should undergo an operation without further delay. It will be free of charge to perform it, but they have to pay for specialist equipment and material at a cost of RUB 135 400. The parents did not manage to raise such a sum on their own.

Anything may trigger deterioration of the boy’s condition. In a year Styopa is going to school, so worries and anxieties will not be avoided. Even now, while telling adults about his future studying, the boy is getting so anxious that his parents have to mind his heart problems and grip his imagination. And what will happen when the boy gets his first excellent mark?.. The parents will not always be there, by him, to soothe and support.

We beg you to assist in paying for material to perform the operation. Styopa’s mother is now on the maternity leaf to take care after a younger child; it is only his father who has a job. These conditions can hardly create any opportunity to collect the required sum. Meanwhile, it is high time the operation should be performed. Please, try and help not to miss it!

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