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Kaminskaya Ksyusha, 11 years old

Date of birth: 26 April 1999.
Berezvoskii city, Sverdlovskaya oblast.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Ksyusha is a talented and intelligent girl, she sings at different contests and wins first prizes. Her biggest dream is to learn to walk. Ksyusha is asking for your help again. She needs to take a course of rehabilitation in Yevpatoria that costs 106,650 rubles (3,700 dollars).
11 March 2011

We are asking for your help again. It’s time for Ksyusha to get her rehabilitation treatment. Her mom spends a lot of time and effort on Ksyusha’s treatment. They spend the whole day doing different rehabilitation activities, exercises and training. Expensive course in Yevpatoria would help Ksyusha a lot in her fight for health. Unfortunately, her mom cannot afford it. The clinic calculations say that the treatment would cost 106,650 rubles (3,700 dollars). The family is asking for your help.

From the letter of Ksyusha’s mom Tatiana:

I will always be grateful to all of you for all your help that you’ve given to my daughter. There are many changes in our life right now, and I would like to tell you about our little victories. On September 1 of this year Ksyusha started the 5th grade. It was very stressful for us, because in the 5th grade children start moving from class to class instead of just staying in the same classroom all day. Ksyusha was very scared that she’d have to be home schooled. Fortunately the dean of school has come up with a solution. Two days a week the teacher comes to our home, and the other three days a week Ksyusha goes to school. All children were allowed to stay in the same classroom and the teachers come in for classes.

Ksyusha keeps taking music classes as well. I think she’ll start participating not only in singing contests next year, but also in instrumental ones. She did very well in a music festival «Winter sonata», and participated in a charity auction and concert. In September we took classes from the Academy of Choir in Moscow and she sang songs in German and Italian in the Tchaikovsky concert hall.

After school we keep doing the daily exercise therapy. Ksyusha now can walk on the treadmill longer, stand without support and overall muscle condition has greatly improved. Ksyusha’s days are very busy: school, then exercise, then swimming, then therapeutic horse riding, then sewing. It is very hard to keep up with all that, but Ksyusha is the one who insists we do everything. She tries to do it all, and do it well, and I only support her.

We would very much like to go to Yevpatoria. It would improve her condition, and strengthen her immune system. After the previous course she didn’t catch a cold for 6 months, and that made our rehabilitation even more effective. She wants to go there very much, but I cannot afford it. So I ask you again, please help us collect money for treatment in Yevpatoria clinic. We rely on your help, mercifulness and understanding.

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