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Karabin Ivan, 5 years old

Date of birth: 10 March 2006.
Saransk city, Mordovia.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Vanya has an older sister, who also is disabled. Their parents are struggling to pay for all the necessary treatment. Just like any other parents they want to see their kids healthy. Vanya needs a rehabilitation course that costs 133,160 rubles (4,800 dollars). He can’t get that treatment without your help.

20 June 2011

Vanya has already been through 2 courses of casting. It is a very difficult treatment for a child: it hurts, it’s uncomfortable, casts don’t let you sleep, move or sit. Vanya had to go through this, because without those procedures he wouldn’t be able to stand on his feet. Less painful and cheaper methods didn’t have any results. It seemed like Vanya was going to always stay in a wheel chair, he’d have to be home schooled, with no friends and he’d never be capable to take care of himself. However, the specialists of Yevpatoria clinic have proven that it didn’t have to be like that. After one course of treatment Vanya could stand on his feet and now he can walk with a special device or with support. His moves started looking like moves of a healthy person. This is what the doctors were trying to achieve. Now they can work more with him to teach him to walk correctly.

Unfortunately, further rehabilitation might be unavailable, because throughout all these years Vanya’s parents spent all their money on medicine, examinations and rehabilitation. Vanya has an older sister who also is disabled. Both children need treatment, and the government very rarely helps. Besides, such children require constant care and one of the parents has to stay with them and can’t have a job. This fall Vanya is supposed to go for another treatment course to Yevpatoria clinic, in order to strengthen previous results and achieve new ones. Can his parents find 133,160 rubles (4,800 dollars) by then? Not likely. Their income is way too low. Vanya’s treatment is in your hands. His parents can’t pay for it! Please, help!

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