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Kazakov Andrew, 6

Date of birth: 19 September 2002.
Kopeysk city, Chelyabinsk Oblast.

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy. Andrey’s dad is the only care-giver for Andrey and his older sister, Lena. Their mother died. Andrey needs to be well to protect his sister in the future. He needs help in paying one rehabilitation course in Yevpatoria’s health resort. The cost is 67,000 rubles (2167 USD)
24 June 2010

Again we ask you to help Andrey. This fall he has to go to the Clinical health resort in Yevpatoria for another rehabilitation course. Previous courses paid by you provided considerable improvement. But we can’t stop now, the results will be lost without further work. One-month course costs 67,000 rubles (2167 USD). Andrey and his family need your help.

30 April 2009

From the letter of Andrew's father Peter Kazakov:

I have two children: Yelena and Andrew. Both have severe disabilities. Yelena was diagnosed with moderate oligophrenia when she was born and Andrew is suffering from cerebral palsy. In 1983 my wife Tatyana gave birth to our first child — our daughter Yelena. My wife had to quit her job and for the next 5 years she took Yelena every morning to a special kindergarten and then to a special school in the neighbouring city with multiple changes on the local transport and then returned to pick her up in the evening.

I was working and supported the family as hard as I could. After our daughter finished school we managed to find her a nursing position in a local hospital.

Life had relatively stabilized: Tatyana graduated from college, where she studied part-time, we bought a used car, which was a big joy for the family. And then we decided to try for another child, who we hoped would take care of our daughter in the future. Tatyana managed to recover from sterility, which she was suffering from for the last 10 years. And when she was 40 she gave birth to a son.

And then we were struck by the fait again. Andrew was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was born. The leading children's neuropathologist of Tschelyabinsk stated that no treatment would improve the condition of our son. We could not believe it. And my wife began to train the child at home with all the methods that were available to us. As a result, when Andrew was 2 he started to learn the letters, at the age of 3 he could compose words and when he was 4 he already could read and count until 1000. And we believed that we could make it!

And at this point the destiny struck us again: three years ago my wife suffered from a stroke. As a result she was paralysed and had to stay in bed all the time. I was torn between my job, disabled wife and children. In 2007 after the second stroke Tatyana died.

I was left alone with two disabled children. They both receive monthly benefits amounting to 200 Euro in total. I work in a hospital as a technical specialist with a monthly salary of 300 Euro.

Andrew is 6, he is intellectually better developed than his peers, but he is suffering from severe motor function disorders, he cannot walk without support. To cope with these problems he needs to go through a series of treatments in a rehabilitation centre. The treatments cost more than can ever be saved with my salary. Unfortunately, I cannot find a better-paid job because of my age and the time I have to spend with my children.

Without the help of generous people I am unable to provide my son with the necessary treatments. Please help!

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