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Khamadijeva Vera, 4 months old

Date of birth: 21 June 2015.

Diagnosis: Juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML). This is a very rare kind of blood cancer; only one method of treatment could be applied here, it is bone marrow transplantation. But Vera is too small to undergo such an operation; at the same time, she has little chance to live till the operation without you help. We beg you to help in paying for the medicine Azacitidin; taking the course of the medicine will make it possible for the girl to wait till she is grown up enough to undergo the operation. The drug is not used in this country; the family needs RUB 2 353 500 to collect the necessary sum for the treatment in Germany.
16 December 2015

Vera is four months old, three of which she has spent in hospital. The girl has cancer. She has already undergone chemotherapy; she has already learnt what is pain and how bitter may be some drugs. And her parents now realise that the life of their little daughter may be lost, and even doctors can do nothing to help her.

Vera has Juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML). This is a very rare and serious kind of cancer of the blood. Another thing is it occurs extremely rarely among girls. Only very small children suffer from this illness. There is no any reliable method of treatment, as the illness is rare. It has been proved that bone marrow transplantation is effective, but there is too much risk when babies undergo this operation. They have to wait until they are at a certain age for the operation, but not all children manage to do it. Very many kids die during this period, when the wait for the transplantation.

To live till the operation is the only way for Vera to survive. The question is how can she possibly do it, if the illness cannot be halted — it carries on killing the child. Her parents and the doctors have asked this question in their letters they have sent to some leading European hospitals. As a result, it occurs that it is only the University Medical Center Freiburg which successfully treats this kind of Leukaemia. The medicine Azacitidin, which is used there, will enhance the girl’s chances to wait till the operation. This is the method of treatment, and only on this condition the girl will survive.

It costs EUR 50 000 to fulfil this condition. At present the family has only EUR 20 000 — this is all their savings and the sum they got after their car had been sold. They have no more money and no more time to wait till they have the necessary sum collected. It is unfair that there is so little chance that the illness is beaten. But it would be cruel to give up now, when the treatment is still there. We beg you to help and collect the sum of RUB 2 353 500 which lacks to pay for the medicine. Each day gives away another chance to save Vera. Please, help!

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