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Khardinov Oleg, 26 years old

Date of birth: 14 August 1984.
Votkinsk city, Udmurtiya.

Diagnosis: spinal trauma. Oleg needs help in paying for rehabilitation treatment in a specialized center. The cost is 84,000 rubles (2,800 dollars).
28 January 2011

From the letter of Oleg’s parents:

We are asking you to help our son Oleg who has been immobile for 5 years. After a spinal trauma he can’t move his arms and legs, he stays in bed all day. Last year me and my husband were able to save 80,000 rubles and take our son to a rehabilitation center in Novosibirskaya oblast’. For the first time we got hope. We saw positive dynamic, we met other patients that were able to recover after similar trauma. Me and my husband are retired now. Even though we are veterans of work, our income is barely enough for food and medicine. We need to make our son better as soon as possible, but we don’t have enough money for that. We asked the President, the government and our local administration for help, but nobody answered. As a last resort we are writing to your fund. We hope that you will realize how difficult our situation is and we hope that you will help.

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