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Khitrin Semen, 11 years old

Date of birth: 30 April 2000.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Your help is needed to pay for a rehabilitation course that costs 117,155 rubles (3,800 dollars). Treatment will begin on October 3, 2011.
14 September 2011

From the letter of Semen’s mom:

We always wanted a second child. You can tell how long hoped-for Semen is by the age difference with his older brother Kirill, who is 15 years older. Semen was born prematurely, he spent some time on artificial lung ventilation and was able to come home with us only 2,5 months after his birth. Doctors immediately told us he might develop cerebral palsy and we immediately started treatment.

Unfortunately my son’s disease wasn’t the hardest ordeal for our family. When Semen was 13 months old, our dad tragically died. I was left with two young children. It was dreadfully hard, but we survived and continued treatment. By the age of 2 Semen learned to stand up and move around while holding on to something, and sit up by himself.

Right now Semen is home-schooled, he doesn’t walk yet. Last year we were lucky to get a course of treatment in Yevpatoriya clinic. After that Semen started walking much better. Doctors recommend another course, but I do not have any more money. Please, help us go to Yevpatoriya again, if possible.

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