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Khokhlov Ershod, 8 years old

Date of birth: 28 June 2009.
Tajikistan, Gusar.

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect. Two brothers were brought to this country by their parents so that the boys were given proper treatment. Ershod will be taken to a cardiological centre, while his younger brother — to the oncological one. It came to be so that neither of them would survive if they stood in their native country. At the same time, for the boys treatment in this country is not free of charge, thus, as the family has many children and the income is low, the only way for the parents to pay for treating and save the kids is to ask for help. It will cost RUB 281 600 to perform a heart operation for Ershod. We beg you to help the boy!
17 November 2017

Bad luck has been haunting Ershod since the time he was born. Though the boy is only 8 years old, he already suffers from two serious diseases — one is oncological, and the other is a heart defect. The only chance for him to survive is to hope that some people would help him.

Unless retinoblastoma (eye cancer) prevented doctors from doing so, Ershod would already have undergone a heart operation. But a surgical operation of other type was required urgently, so the heart operation had to be delayed for a while. Thus, while the boy was being treated for cancer, nothing was done about the heart defect. When the tumour had finally been cured, it occurred that the heart defect could not be treated in the boy’s native country, since medicine there was not developed well enough. So, Ershod can be cured in this country solely, and only if his parents will manage to pay for the operation.

Ershod was not ’lucky enough’ (if this is a right thing to say) to born in the country, in which nobody can help him; parents of sick children dwelling there do their best to go to other countries to treat their kids and thus save them from premature death of curable diseases. Ershod’s younger brother — Injom — is now staying in N.N. Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center, Moscow. He is treated of reinoblastoma, as it is the case with his brother, and he also has no chance to survive if he stays in his motherland. Their parents are now between two fighers — they have to do their best to cure two children in this country and they miss very much their elder son who has stayed at home. They have no time to stop and think what is right and what is wrong, as their only aim now is to save their children.

So, let’s not reflect on fortune and misfortune, on issues concerning nationalities and peculiarities of life people lead in neighboring countries, for the thing of major importance is to save the child rather than to agree on some statement. To survive Ershod has to undergo the heart operation at a cost of RUB 281 600. Anyway, the best fortune in one’s life is to meet people who are ready to help, as due to them one will cope with any other trouble.

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