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Khromov Evgeniy, 32 years old

Date of birth: 16 February 1981.
Mordovia, Kovylkino.

Diagnosis: Hodgkin Lymphoma. The tumor is not responsive to chemotherapy. Not so long ago the doctors would not have been able to help Evgeniy. But luckily there is a new drug Adcetris (Brentuksimab) giving a real and practically the only chance to concur the disease, a chance to live. The medication is very expensive. Several funds have joined to collect the money; some part has already been collected. 14,114.00 dollars is still needed. Zhenya is in hospital waiting for your help. Please help!
20 November 2013

To accept the death, the idea that you will not live and will not see your nearest and dearest, that they will live without you — there are very few people who understand the near death and accept this. Especially if you are 32 years old and just yesterday you had huge plans for the future. Belief in miracle, a hope that nothing terrible is going to happen and you will get better, that the disease is just a nightmare or somebody’s evil joke, remain up to the end. Any person simply wants to live even when there are no more chances.

But what if this chance exists and is not fantastic? Zhenya has a terrible diagnosis — Hodgkin lymphoma. He received treatment in his home town, in Saransk, then in Moscow. He had everything — chemotherapy, ray treatment, sickness, hair loss. He saw his body being destroyed surrendering to a disease and treatment effects. And each time when treatment did not help he asked the doctor the same question «Doctor, what are going to try next?» And the doctor made other attempts because his experience proved that there was always a chance.

Then the doctor’s capabilities were exhausted, the cancer treatment methods that were at his disposal were over. The disease is still killing Zhenya, and the only chance possible is beyond his reach. The new generation drug that has already helped to save the patients who were just recently considered to have no hope and that can save Zhenya is not registered in Russia. It is recommended by the doctors but it is not registered. Which means, that Zhenya has to buy it on his own at approximately 1 million rubles.

Many people dream of money opening so many opportunities. For Zhenya the money can give the only chance — to survive and to live. And this makes the value of the money absolutely different. Predanie and Advita Funds have joined to collect the money, the bulk of an amount has been collected. 14,114 dollars still need to be raised. For Zhenya this is the only chance to concur the disease and to live. There will be no other chance.

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