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Kim Nastya, 7 years old

Nastya is starting school this year, but she is facing a bigger challenge than her peers. The girl was born with a right palm pathology. A surgery could help her become an ordinary healthy girl — she will be able to write, dress herself. But to have the surgery done in Moscow, the Kim family have to raise $1,540. With a monthly income of $35 the sum looks enormous.

The surgery and tickets to Moscow was paid, thank you! November 28, 2006 Nastya returned home after surgery and treatment.

Nastya Kim is a seven years’ old girl from Jizak, Uzbekistan. She suffers of syndactily — joining of fingers on her right hand, absence of upper phalanges. Two operations she has had were unsuccessful, and now the girl is a second degree disabled person.

Nastya’s mother wrote the Fund a letter with the girl’s story.

In the second month of pregnancy I had flu, and Nastya was born ahead of time, and with this pathology. When she was born different from the other children, doctors said she may grow up handicapped, too. But she grew up a very smart girl. However, it is hard for a little girl to grow up with syndactily and bilateral clubfoot. We live in Uzbekistan, and Nastya had two unsuccessful operations that ended with full atrophy of the left lower leg and severe clubfoot. On her palm she has no upper phalanges, and three fingers are dysfunctional.

We have done all we could in Uzbekistan. Please, help my daughter become a healthy child. With hope, Victoria.

In September 2006 Nastya will undergo an operation at the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital. If the surgery is successful, the girl, a smart and gifted child, to play, study, choose a career just like the rest of children.

But to spent two weeks in hospital, the family has to pay $1,540.

This is an enormous sum for the Kims, whose monthly income amounts to $35 and comes from the father’s salary as a driver and Nastya’s pension as a disabled person. Nastya’s mother stays at home to look after her and her younger brother David.

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