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Kiseliov Denis, 24 years old

Date of birth: 6 April 1992.
Krasnodar Krai, Poltavskaia village.

Diagnosis: Spine injury. Even at a choreography school the teachers of were sure that Denis will have success in dancing, but nobody could even imagine that the young man will gain popularity on the stage while dancing… in a wheelchair. For eight years Denis has been paralysed because of an injury; now he has to take a course of rehabilitation — but to do so he does need your help. The cost of the rehabilitation course is RUB 309 400.
12 April 2016

From Denis's letter:

My childhood looked like a childhood of any other kid. I did have a physique to be a dancer, and the teachers predicted that I would make a brilliant choreography career. In May 2007 I easily entered a choreographic college. Then a month later I received a serious spine injury, so I ended up in bed completely paralysed.

After I had received the injury I had to forget about the stage and the college. But it took me another year to realize how grave the situation was and to accept the actual state of affairs. Despite the fact I was completely paralysed, neither my mother nor I had a thought that the disability is the end of my life, so we tried to find some solutions rather than to concentrate on the problems.

I had missed one academic year, but in the following summer I entered an industrial college. At first, the teachers there were a bit cynical about such a student, since at that time I could hardly sit by myself and the better part of time was lying in my bed. Three times later I have graduated from the college with excellent marks. The state of health has improved greatly as well; my arms became stronger, I was able to sit in a wheelchair without any difficulty. Several years ago I came back to sport: I took up doing bocce, tennis and archery. And last year I came back to the stage. Now, eight years later, I am dancing again as I used to do- but this time I am in the wheelchair.

My mother and I live alone; my father had died several years ago. When it happened, my mum took all responsibilities for the family upon herself. She was working for the whole year to pay for the course of rehabilitation in a special centre. It is difficult even to imagine how difficult it was, and I am extremely grateful to her! I beg you to help me to raise money for the course of rehabilitation at the Pirogov health centre. It would be, perhaps, the only place where the doctors could help me. Today my main goal is to become as self-contained as possible to make my mum's life easier. That is why I am writing this letter, hoping for the better, and do have a faith in your help.

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