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Kliop Natalia, 38 years old

Date of birth: 8 August 1978.
Krasnodar kray, Poltavskaya stanitsa.

Diagnosis: Spinal stroke rehabilitation. To date Natalia cannot walk. Intensive rehabilitation in a specialised center could return to her legs the lost capability of moving. But Natalia has no opportunity to work, which means she has no money to pay for the treating. We beg you to assist in collecting RUB 360 000 to pay for the course of rehabilitation.
7 February 2017

Five years ago Natalia had a spinal artery rapture. Since then she has been undergone nine operations; each of them was intended to get her on her feet again, to return an ability to walk, but none managed to do so. Surgeons gave up and directed Natalia at other specialists: physiotherapists, masseurs, experts in therapeutic medical training. Every hope has faded away to restore the lost functions quickly due to the operation; it is solely intensive rehabilitation that could bring Natalia back to a full and normal life.

This is a long way to go, and — unfortunately — it requires quite a sum. In good centers of rehabilitation fairly good results may be achieved, but high prices are directly proportional to a high quality of their services. Natalia has not been able to work for five years already. Her mother supports her greatly in everything but finance, since she is retired. Moreover, Natalia has a ten-years-old daughter, whom she has to bring up.

A single course of rehabilitation started to restore sensory processing in Natailia’s legs, although they could feel noting for five years. There is every chance not only that her legs will regain an ability to feel, but even that she will walk again, since the rehabilitation is being kept on. We beg you to assist in raising RUB 360 000 to continue with the treatment. Unless Natalia gets your help, she will not cope with her problem, will not get back on her feet.

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