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Kolobova Varvara, 21 months old

Date of birth: 6 October 2008.
St.Petersburg, Russia.

Diagnosis: a complicated congenital heart disorder. Since she was born, Varya’s parents and the doctors have been fighting for her life. She’s had three surgeries already. She needs the final one that will form the healthy heart, so that the child can live. Berlin Cardiology Center has agreed to conduct a difficult angiographic study and a surgery, that together cost 39,480 Euros. The German fund has helped raise 15,000 Euros. The rest of the money is still way too much for a young family to collect. The only thing we know for sure, we need to save Varvara!
3 July 2010

We have great news. The German fund has helped in raising money for Varvara. Now she has 15,000 Euros. Now we only need to help them out with the rest, 954,720 rubles (24,480 Euros or 30,727 USD)

2 July 2010

Varvara’s parents found out about their daughter’s disease before she was born. Two hours after the delivery the girl was taken to the St. Petersburg City Children’s Hospital #1, where she was diagnosed with all of the following: dextrocardia (abnormal condition where the heart is located toward the right side of the chest), complete atrioventricular septal defect, D-transposition of the great arteries, common atrium, pulmonary atresia, patent ductus asteriosus, moderate chronic hypoxia, circulatory deficiency of level IIA.

Varya had her first surgery at the age of 4 days. Post-surgery period was very hard. The second surgery was performed in August 2009, and it was successful. But...

Varya’s mom, Natalia Tyshkevich, told us:

Several hours after the second surgery Varya’s condition started to worsen, for no apparent reason. Our leading doctor stayed with her all the time. They made x-rays, ultrasound examination, listened and checked everything, but could not find anything being wrong. That night was awful. My little daughter was laying in bed, with many pieces of medical equipment and different monitors attached to her. I was standing next to her watching the one number that measured her saturation and praying for that number to go up. It only went down. That night I thought emergency room doctors did everything possible and even impossible to save my little girl. I was asking myself why she had to go through all this pain and suffering being so innocent and small. The doctors did their job amazingly well, and early in the morning the problem was found after another ultrasound. It was a venous collateral, that went unnoticed during the initial angiographic study.

Varya had her third surgery to fix the venous collateral. To make that little heart work perfectly, Varya needs just one more angiographic study and a surgery in the Berlin Cardiology Center. The doctors suspect there could be more hidden collaterals. They can be found using heart probing. The total costs of all the necessary procedures are 12,420 Euros (15,600 USD) for the examination, and 27,060 Euros (34,000 USD) for the surgery.

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