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Kolosov Maxim, 17 years old

Date of birth: 28 July 1998.
Tula Oblast, Rylevo village.

Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma (NB) of the left adrenal. In Russia Max was recognised as a terminally ill patient, but the Indian oncologists have managed to save his life. A year later another problem appeared — his weak immunity was impaired by infections which are killing the boy. Fortunately, it is far easier to battle them than cancer, but emergency is vitally important here. The obstacle is the family does not possess enough money to pay for the required treatment. We launch the raising of USD 10 000. We beg you to save Maxim!
11 July 2017

Maxim needs your help again!

These New Year holidays were not happy times for the Kolosov family. Maxim’s state of health began deteriorating. To escape this new pain and the fear that cancer has come back, the boy was sinking his teeth into study. On New Year’s Eve he put on a Father Frost suit and — hiding his alarm behind a white beard — set off to meet his friends; he avoided the thought that another New Year may never come for him.

Luckily, it appeared that the real cause of the state was not cancer: a bacterial infection has attacked Maxim’s immunity, which has just begun to develop after the course of therapy. Just after the holidays the boy flew to India to be examined, and the cause was identified. The doctors started to treat the boy as soon as he came. The infection is not fatal, but it is developing so rapidly that only one week’s delay would have come to a tragic end.

Maxim felt it in his bones rather than knew about it. This prevented him from waiting for the end of the long holidays; and this prevented his family from doubting whether they could find money for the treatment. They had a budget to buy tickets and to pay for the examination, which has revealed that the infection has already spread all over the body and has located in the brain and other internals. Apparently, to beat the illness it will take much time and far more money than the family possesses.

The boy would not be treated in this country, where he had been recognised as a terminally ill patient; nobody would agree to proceed with the treatment given by other doctors, more skilful in treating cancer. ‘You should go to the place where you got treatment,’ — this is the answer the boy received. Maxim hopes to get other kind of support rather than a medical one; he believes in sympathy. This is not the relapse of NB — this is already a great luck. But to stay alive he needs help. The hospital bill costs USD 20 000. Last year he became an ‘adult’ — he is 18 now. It means that very few funds can support him, irrespective of their wish. But we can — so, Maxim has a chance. The Fund ‘Predaniye’ has started to collect USD 10 000; we ask you to collect another USD 10 000. We beg you to help Maxim!

28 August 2015

In the oncology department of the children’s clinical hospital Maxim was the eldest patient even two years ago. Neuroblastoma (NB) is the so-called ‘child’s cancer’ as the doctors put it. It was rather unexpected that a fifteen-year-old boy was diagnosed with it. The way the boy was behaving towards his illness was also unexpected. It was extremely hard for him to take high doses of chemotherapy; with a great difficulty he put in order after a bone marrow transplantation. But right after coming to consciousness he was hastening to the other children in order to support the younger kids, to soothe them, to show them by his own example that everything would be all right. ‘Don’t be afraid,’ — he repeated to some baby, although not long ago he himself felt such a fear, that it can hardly be described.

«Our Mar is such a nice person, — says his Mother, — he is very sincere, kind, gentle. When he staid at hospital our family seemed to be deserted. We could do nothing but pray for him. All our troubles and past problems receded into the background. If only he survives!»

Everyone has been praying for Max — his parents, the parents of the other children at the hospital, his younger brother and sister, his teachers and classmates, the doctors. As for Max, he has decided: ‘If I leave the hospital I’ll become a doctor. Because any other job is as important as the profession which saves children’s lives.’ Max did survive. But he left the hospital not for a long time. He had time only to finish school and enter a medical college. He did not get seriously upset about failing to pass his chemistry exam and to enter university at the first attempt, as his illness had taught him that there are many other thorny problems to grapple with. That kind of problem, which occurred after a while, made him realise this fact. The doctors stated that a relapse occurred. This time the cancer was diagnosed as incurable, as no dynamics was observed.

In this country all methods of treating Max’s illness were applied. Here he will not survive. And very little time to live is left. Today his parents urgently sell their flat and car; they write letters to charity funds. They need to collect $129 000 for their son’s treatment in the Fortis Healthcare (India). They have got a medical report from this hospital on the fact that there are still some possibilities to cure the illness and also that there is a chance of life. They have got the same report from Germany, but a cost of this treatment is three time higher, so the family does not even consider for this variant. We join in collecting money for Maxim and ask you to help in collecting $20 000. Max deserves this chance not for becoming such a nice adult, and not for promising to be a talented doctor who will save many lives. He deserves this chance simply because he does have it. And it cannot be lost.

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