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Kopylova Anna, 14 years old

Date of birth: 4 August 2002.
Orenburg Oblast, Orsk.

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, dislocation of the hip. Today the girl’s state of health is appalling: since she was not given proper treatment, pain syndrome has developed; as a result, now Anna can only lie and at that maintains only abnormal, stiff posture. The only thing Russian doctors say they could do is to take off the leg. German doctors suggest that the leg should be saved; they promise to relieve the pain and to provide the girl with a chance of rehabilitation. We beg you to help in raising EUR 43 310, so that Anna would sit in a wheelchair one day.
19 April 2017

«Be patient, she is about to die soon». Fuss. Anna is screaming with pain; convulsions are shaken the girl; her arms and legs are cramping severely and are being stiffened in an abnormal posture. EMSP doctors surround her; metal parts of their auscultoscopes are glittering. Their handbag with drugs; blue feldshers’ uniform. On the plate her mother is holding is an open ampoule, parts of cotton wool and a syringe. Who said so? Who could possible say so? Rage; fear of making an objection — too much depends on these people. But they finally leave taking the handbag, the uniform and the hope. The woman and her daughter are left behind to wait when the drug works. Once they used to be taken along, but now it is regarded as useless, and the problem — as unsolvable. Later it will occur that the given treatment was inappropriate; to be more exact, doctors refused to treat the disease diagnosed incorrectly. But by this day the situation will have occured again for several times.

Anna was born was vertebral compression fracture. For years, she has been suffering from seizures, which deteriorated functioning of the brain to such an extent that it made the body twist and curve, which dislocated joints. The dislocation of hip joints was an exact reason for such an intolerable pain. Due to it the girl could only lie maintaining an abnormal posture, being unable to relax. Doctors, however, insisted that restraining movements was caused by other reasons: tightness of skin, muscles and tendons. Physical activity was prohibited for the girl because of seizures; meanwhile, no other treatment could be suggested. Doctors came, administered an injection and left. They were sincerely sympathetic to the mother — and only to her, said she should be brave... As for the girl — no one would be able to help her, anyway.

Four years ago, Anna was released from convulsions, which she had been suffered from for years. It occurred that to have appropriate medicines prescribed, one should just visit another city. It was problematic, since all the money was spent on household expenses; no husband to help; the younger daughter goes to school. Later she would bitterly reproach herself for not being strong enough, for trusting the doctors who refused to treat the girl, for being afraid to be tenacious or to ask for help. At the time dislocation of the hip was diagnosed, and doctors said that the ‘treatment’ could be sought. It was to amputate the whirlbone. It would not be an amputation of the leg — the leg would be saved. True, it would fail to function, but the pain would cease. ‘This is something that you want, isn’t it?’ — the doctor asked sympathetically.

But why — why during the past fourteen years nobody has ever thought about Anna’s wishes? Whether she wishes she could get out of bed one day? She does want it indeed. But she cannot tell someone about it — that is why, perhaps, her wishes have never been taken into consideration by those who prescribed the treatment that could deprive the girl of a chance even to sit in a wheelchair. This time, however, her mother decided she should be strong enough to do or die. German surgeons suggest that the operation to be performed should save the leg. After the operation, Anna will be able to sit, to move — obviously, significant improvements will take place. The problems are the treatment costs EUR 43 310 and it requires leaving abroad. But since a child’s life can be changed to the better, it is worth the effort. If Anna could speak, she would confirm it. And we beg you to help!

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