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Kosolapov Valera, 13 years old

Since one and a half years Valera has stopped growing. The boy’s diagnostic has revealed a very rare genetic disease — Growth Hormone Deficiency that means the absence of a growth hormone in blood.

The importance of a growth hormone is difficult for overestimating. It is transferred to bones, heart, muscles, kidneys and they start to grow, and participating in an exchange of fibers, fats and micro cells and that is why it is very important at any age. But mostly it is necessary for the child. However, in the nature sometimes there is such genetic mistake: 1 from 150 000 children who were born all over the world, appears without this hormone. Not receiving it in a medicinal kind, such children become invalids with low growth.

Modern doctors are able to overcome this trouble. The scientists of Denmark have invented an effective and safe medicine “Norditropin”, completely identical to a human hormone. The medicine helps children to grow and develop in a way if they were absolutely healthy. The cost of an annual rate is about 188,000 rubles, and the medicine should be taken daily. But it is necessary to continue the treatment only till 16 years, and now Valera is already 13. After that the child’s organism will be finally generated. The boy’s parents cannot treat their sun by themselves. Valera’s mum — the rural teacher, also takes care of her son together with her mother. Other relatives have already made and have sold everything that they could.

Local structures of public health services firstly allocated money for child’s treatment; however two years ago Valera was refused in a financial support in favor of wards of younger with similar disease. The boy’s treatment with “Norditropinom” has interrupted for half a year. Then he sharply began to lag behind in the development: his speech and movements were slowed down, the progress at school was also slowed down, and the growth was completely stopped.

Tatiana, his mum and his grandmother Valentina fight with grate courage for the boy’s health. They are writing letters to all public health organizations and administrative structures, the announcements in local newspapers have published, the ask for help has sounded on TV and radio.

The women have also addressed to the commercial organizations. One inhabitant of St.-Petersburg, casually having heard about this family’s mountain, has invited Valera’s grandmother to live together in her house as to try together to collect the necessary sum by means of philanthropists from mega city.

Valentina’s efforts have appeared not vain. Though the means collected for half a year are not sufficed for full payment of treatment, the representatives of public health establishments from Kursk region have been surprised by selflessness of the boy’s relatives. The missing sum has been given from the local budget, and Valera’s supply by a necessary medicine has managed to be prolonged for additional 1 year.

Now Valera’s grandmother is in St.-Petersburg again, begs money in the underground for the next year treatment.

From the story of one volunteer:

She stood with the stretched hand, thanked passers-by for each submitted coin and was crying. Touched by her tears, I decided to talk with the elderly woman, and have learned, that the money for Valera’s treatment comes to the end in May of this year.

Valera’s native people are very much afraid to admit a repeated stop of treatment. In fact, as the last experience has shown, it influences not only for growth of his organism, but also slows down the intellectual development!

With special heat Valentina has told me, with what belief the sympathetic children submitted to her each precious coin, beggars shared daily “proceeds”, poorly dressed students and pensioners sincerely tried to support the sick boy with a feasible mite.

Also she opened the true reason of the tears: “seeing such kindness I can not without crying! Sometimes I see, that a poor man is coming to me with the money, and mentally beg him: no, dear, only not you! You need it also!”

Valentina does not lose the hope to rescue her grandson especially she has already known how the public health departments help those parents who do everything for child’s rescue. She hopes that the brought money will again kindle the hearts of severe officials, and they again will add the necessary money to the collected sum for the treatment’s continuation.

October 17, 2007

Money collection in favour of Valery is temporarily stoped. We are waiting for the returning of his family from Kazakhstan for consultation with the doctors. Probably, after the results of analyses it will be possible to replace a medicine by cheaper analogue.

July 30, 2007

We received a letter from Valentina Kosolapova, the Valera’s grandmother. The family managed to receive a free medicine till the end of November, 2007, but in December it will be lack of the medicine and each ampoule should be bought independently.

To a huge regret, “Norditropin” has sharply risen in price and one ampoule now costs not 6,000 rubles, but 13,800 rubles or about $542 (under the prices in July, 30 of 2007). Besides Valera’s diagnostic has shown, that the single injection should be increased in the period of the puberty, one ampoule will be enough only for 4 days.

Now 3,450 rubles (about $135) are required for daily boy’s treatment, the cost of annual course of treatment has increased up to 1,259,250 rubles (about $49,425).

Money, that I managed to collect in St.-Petersburg, was enough only for two months, but our efforts, reasons, bustle by instances, all necessary and unnecessary information, tears — everything has played a great role, and till December we are with the medicine. In the autumn I will go to St.-Petersburg again and I will ask people for help.

July 25, 2007

For today it has been collected 30,070 rubles (about $1,180).

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