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Kovalenko Arina, 9 years old

Date of birth: 2 August 2006.
Volgograd Oblast, Cherepovets.

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy (CP), developmental dysplasia of the hips (DDH) The doctors in Germany are awaiting Arina for replacing joint braces. It lacks EUR 3 844 for the operation. The family is economically disadvantaged, so Arina’s relatives will not manage to raise the sum on their own. We beg you for help!
16 September 2015

Arina is a cheerful and active child, despite all the difficulties that she has to overcome each day. A serious illness has taken away many pleasures of her childhood; the games were replaced with the treatment and physical therapy. Today there is a danger that Arina will be deprived of happiness in the future adult life. It is one thing to be a sick child who is looked after by the loving parents. But it is quite another matter to become a disabled adult and to be incapable of moving on one own and has nobody who can help. The members of Arina’s family understand it and so they put all their money and effort into medical rehabilitation of their daughter. The consequences of the CP can be overcome. And the main goal of the parents now is to do as much as possible to achieve it. But sometimes even the most self-sacrificing people run out of strength and money to save their kids. When it happens, they will need your help!

Developmental dysplasia of the hips (DDH) is one of the complications of the Arina’s illness. It presupposes that there is every prospect that the girl will be able even to stand, let alone to walk. However, there is one thing that should be specially mentioned here: the girl will not get her chance if she is treated in Russia only. In German hospitals the join braces are to be loaded. And a child gets an opportunity not only to walk but also to move without a permanent pain in legs. The high cost of treatment is a single obstacle.

The operation which was supposed to performed in early 2015 cost EUR 19 541. The TV viewers of Channel 5 managed to help in collecting the money — the sum was taken from the money collected extra for Artyom Dolgov. But the operation was not carried out, because of a leg displaced fracture which later had not been treated properly. As a result, now Arina’s right leg does not bend at all. Because of this the German surgeons not only have to reload joint braces, which were loaded two years ago in Germany, but also to implant a plate to repair the fracture. There is a need for two operations, instead of one preplanned; and so the cost increases by EUR 3 844.

The operation of reloading the joint braces should have been carried out a long time ago. The girl should be operated as soon as possible, but the family will not manage to raise money for any additional expense. Arina’s mother does not work; she takes care of the girl. Her father has not yet recovered from a massive heart attack he suffered recently. Now he is a pensioner, and nobody knows whether he will be able to work or not. The total income of the family comes from a disability pension and disability benefit. We beg you to support Arina and her parents. They have already went a long way towards a recovery; to stop at that would mean to deprive Arina of a happy future and a chance to be healthy. Please, help!

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