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Kozyrenko Marina, 38 years old

Date of birth: 18 April 1980.
Voronezh Oblast, housing development ‘Prigorodny’.

Diagnosis: breast cancer, pachymenix metastases. This form of disease does not respond to hormone therapy. Doctors have proscribed for Marina two most advanced medicines: ‘Faslodex' and ‘Ibrance'. The former is included to the list of life-saving medications, so Marina got it free of charge. The latter is not present on this list, so Marina has to buy it at a cost of EUR 8226. These drugs start functioning only if are taken simultaneously. Marina has no money to buy the drug she needs and to start the course of treatment. We beg you to save Marina!
16 April 2018

Once Marina already fought cancer. She was diagnose with malignant tumours in 2010; doctors took measures in proper time and the disease remitted. Her family — her husband, her son and a small daughter — felt extremely happy that such a dangerous threat no longer presented. All together, they started to make plans for the future: Alexander, Marina's husband, found a job at the Ministry of Emergency Situations (МЧС), they submitted the documents to queue for a flat and were about to move to this new apartment. Suddenly a tragic event happened — Alexander was run over by a car. The driver escaped and has never been found; he must be unaware of what a monstrous crime he committed: he killed one person and triggered a terminal disease which is gradually killing the other. Marina did not manage to cope with her grief without any negative consequences: metastases started to spread all over her body and damaged her brain, skull bones and ribs.

Nevertheless, Marina has no right to give up: she must keep on fighting for the sake of her children; they have nobody but for her. Her son looks as a stong grown-up man, but she is the only person to know how difficult it is for him to avoid thinking of a tragedy that may come. Her daughter, so young and tender, has now become a reliable support for Marina. But who will support the girl herself in case her mother is no longer with her?

Due to the contemporary medicine is developing actively Marina has a chance to combat the disease, to remain survive and stay with her children. Over recent 8 years that have passed since she had been diagnosed with the disease a giant step forward was made: new drugs were designed that may save the patients who were regarded as terminally ill. This leap influenced the way of treatment, but, unfortunately, did not change the way of dealing with patients. Too much medicines are not officially registered in this country and thus cannot be included to the list of life-saving medications. Meanwhile, these are medicines that cost hundred thousands of roubles and are donated to the patients who get by a disability pension to help them survive. Thus, Marina was recommended to take two drugs — ’Faslodex’ and ’Ibrans’, the latter of which is not included to the list. Meanwhile, these drugs are to be taken simultaneously to start functioning. Marina needs three packs of the drug to take a complete course; they cost EUR 8226.

Isn’t it strange to live in the world, in which people are run over by a car at a pedestrian crossing, and a woman having two children has to beg strangers to buy her a life-saving drug to stay alive and bring up her children?.. Luckily, you exist in this world, and always give a helping hand to those in need. It is not only the money that Marina needs now, but also your support — in such a way only she has a chance to survive. We beg you to help her.

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