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Krasnobayev Yuri, 15 years old

Diagnosis: mucoviscidosis. To ease his breathing and the assimilation of medicine, he needs a PARI Boy Turbo N inhaler, which costs approximately $270. The inhaler was paid, thank you!

From a letter sent to by Yuri’s mother, Olga:

What can I say about our family, when I think of everything what happened to us? We have a very good, loving family, but the troubles came almost together with the birth of the second child, Roma, who died at the age of two and a half. It happened only because doctors were not able to diagnose his illness — mucoviscidosis. We visited so many hospitals! His illness was growing steadily worse, but he did not get the medicine he needed. When Yuri was born, we immediately knew he was ill too. Mucoviscidosis is a serious disease that affects all the organs that produce secretions. Since his very first days we did everything to maintain his health, but we do not even dream that he will one day recover.

After all the stress I had, I underwent an operation for an ablation of the thyroid gland that led to metabolic disease. All this brought on the incurable “illness of century”. I’ve been an invalid since then and my health is getting worse with every year.

But troubles never come singly, and Yuri’s grandmother was paralyzed after surviving a stroke. She is bedridden and needs special care and attention. All this takes money and strength.

My husband is the only breadwinner in our family. All our difficulties and concerns lie on his shoulders: work, shopping, visiting hospitals and pharmacies. He runs around like a squirrel in its wheel, taking care of our son, of me and of his paralyzed mother. I’m so grateful to him and I love him so much.

Yuri notices all the troubles our family has to go through and his kindness and tenderness amazes us. He will never eat anything without offering to share a meal with us, he always tries to help and not to upset us. When he feels bad, he keeps it back, knowing that we will suffer.

For maintaining my son’s health and vital functions he needs a PARI Boy Turbo N inhaler, as it can deliver all the medicine to his bronchial tubes and lungs.

All the income our family has is the very small salary that my husband earns and a pension. That is why we cannot afford the inhaler that Yuri needs so much — to prevent the next tragedy coming to our home. We love life, our family and we want to be happy and healthy.

Thank you very much in advance!

Lydia Shabalova, doctor, says:
“A compressor inhaler is needed to deliver antibiotics and mucolytic medicines which dilute the secretions in the lower respiratory tract”.

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