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The Krasnoselsky Social Orphanage for Children and Adolescents

The Krasnoselsky orphanage is aimed at rehabilitating and helping children who have somehow ended up homeless for one reason or another. Some of them ran away from their homes, some of their parents were deprived of their parenting rights by a court, while others were brought here by single mothers who had no money to raise a child on their own.

The orphanage employees help the children to study (some of them have not been to school for several years), treat any diseases they may have contracted during their time without a home. However, Krasnoselsky is a simple orphanage, and no one can predict how long the children will remain there: they are either taken back to their families or sent to children’s homes or boarding schools. It is difficult to establish effective conditions for the children’s social rehabilitation in such cases.

The teachers led by the director Oleg Nikolayevich Alyokhin have decided to change the situation and turn a transient orphanage for young tramps into a true center of social rehabilitation.

What will the children receive? First of all, a cozy home and a future. The orphanage employees care not only for the children’s health but also for the development of their personalities. A lot has been done already: there is a theater, a pottery and design studio to work with smalt and ceramics, a music room with a synthesizer, a drum kit and several electric guitars, a small recording studio. The children have made several films with the help of skilled adults. One of the films, “Blue Sky”, tells the story of a tramp, a drug addict and a glue sniffer, with the roles played by the children themselves and the story based on their own experiences.

The center not only teaches a group of children but is occupied with individual social rehabilitation: each child can be afforded an occupation corresponding with his or her abilities and desires. This can be seen through the list of things necessary for the orphanage.

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