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Kruglov Alexander Valentinovich, 53 years old

Diagnosis: chronic leukemia. Alexander Valentinovich has dedicated his whole life to treating deaf children. He has helped many to hear sounds of this world. Today he needs help himself. A horrible disease will kill him if he doesn’t get bone-marrow transplantation. All in all, the donor search and transportation of marrow cost 17,500 euros (22,700 dollars). He does not have this much money.
8 September 2010

Alexander Valentinovich and me are both lucky. We have the best jobs ever. I work in a charity fund, he works at a hospital. Our fund collects money for ill children, among other things for cochlear implantation. Alexander Valentinovich gives children the ability to hear by tuning cochlear implants after the surgery.

Like many doctors Alexander Valentinovich lives to work. The Kruglovs are all related to medicine. Alexander’s daughter is graduating from the Moscow State University, Department of Fundamental Medicine. His wife has been working in the same hospital for 15 years. She is also a doctor helping deaf children hear.

The disease first appeared three years ago. Alexander Valentinovich didn’t go to see the specialists right away. He lost a lot of weight and realized what the reason could be. He thought to himself that his disease was far advanced and that nothing could help at the terminal stage. He tried to convince his wife and daughter that he was simply exhausted from too much work and not enough sleep.

Examination results were exactly what Alexander Valentinovich was afraid of. It was blood cancer, chronic leukemia. Long months of treatment followed, accompanied by chemo, pills, hospitalization. Not one single treatment worked, complete remission was never achieved. Average life expectancy with chronic leukemia is 3 years. Alexander Valentinovich is in his third year of treatment right now. Time doesn’t wait. Doctors of the Institute of Hematology and Transplantology n.a. R.M. Gorbacheva in St. Petersburg are ready to conduct the transplantation of bone-marrow. It is the only way to treat the disease. There are good chances of success, because Alexander Valentinovich doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol, does a lot of sports, and his organism is very strong. Unfortunately, nobody in the family could be a suitable donor, and the donor search in the International Registry of Stefan Morsch costs 25,000 euros, plus 2,500 euros for transporting the marrow. The Kruglovs make 17,000 rubles and 14,000 rubles (together their income is a little over 1000 dollars a month). With this kind of income they can only afford current medication, luckily most of that comes free, because they are doctors. The transplantation bill is impossible for them to pay.

We ask you to help save the life of the doctor. Alexander Valentinovich needs your help very much!

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