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Igor K., 10 years old

Date of birth: 4  07.
N. Nobgorod.

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas infection. To continue the course of treatment the boy has to take the drugs at a cost of RUB 428 400. The family does not possess such a sum. We beg you for a help!
20 February 2018

At the age of 10 children think that all creatures are immortal — it is the way their brain functions. It is much later that we prefer to wear a cup if it snows, we are afraid of flying and start thinking of the benefits of a healthy diet. But in the childhood everything is different: these are sweets and things done on a dare that grab your attention, there is the life that cannot be shortened neither by news programmes on TV nor by the diagnosis on the medical card.

As for Igor’s medical record, his diagnosis there is cysrtic fibrosis, and he knows only well that this disease in incurable, and that the patient’s lifespan depands solely on the prescribed medicine. Yet, however, the disease has not made serious damage to the boy, so he obidienly takes all the drugs he is supposed to and takes from life everything he can — like any other child at his age. This kid hates wards and hopes that a magic pill will be designed that will cure him at once. Igor’s house always welcomes his friends. In winter he skates, in summer he rides his bycicle, that is his favourite hobby. His imagination is vivid — so he called his pets Murlyka (Purrer) and Persick (Peach). The boy and his grandfather are fond of designing models of an erector set. Igor trusts his granddad when it comes to his dreams and plans for the future: the boy wants to become an engineer or an architect in order to design spacious buildings, full light and fresh air.

Actually, it is fresh air in which the boy is often lacking. Sometimes when he is on the way to school or is painting or is telling anxiously about his excellent marks, something heavy arises in his chest, which gets pressed, and causes violent caughing which drives to tears. In such moments the boy behaves as an adult, for he knows: another course in hospital and more medical procedures is inevitable, his parents will be worried terribly. Not only he feels but can accuratelty describe the way his lungths are getting filled with phlegm and bacteria. He knows how expensive his drugs are. He realises how unfair it is that he is devoid of medical care and support. All these things are not something to be reflected upon by children…

Today Igor is in hospital again: it was highly recommended that he should take a course of treatment with the antibiotic Colistin in order to fight the infection that has occupied his lungths. The problem is the course in hospital will continue for a month, while the full course is supposed to procede for four months; otherwise the infection will not be combated. His parents are supposed to buy the medicine to procede with treating for another three months, i.e. to spend RUB 428 400. Though they were quite ready to spend much money on drugs, such a sum is too huge for the family, whose income cannot afford it.

The treatment has to be continued, otherwise the infection may become chronic. Because of this the happy dreamer inside the boy may disappear forever, only the adult will stay inside the boy; his life would appear to be much shorter and far more difficult as it could be if he was provided with the drugs. We beg you to help in collecting the required sum !

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