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Help the victims of flood in Krymsk

Everyone knows about the tragedy in Krasnodarsky Krai region — there is a plenty of news reports, articles, comments in the internet. It is difficult to stay indifferent after reading stories of the victims and witnesses — hundreds of dead, destroyed houses, lack of clean water and electricity. People just don’t have a place to go and to sleep. Now people need everything, from the toothbrush, pampers and just drinking water to building materials for the restoration of the buildings. We join to the fundraising for the affected families and encourage you to come forward and help.
9 July 2012

First days after the tragedy people need essential goods: food, water, medicine. Such help has already started to come to the affected areas. Here are the locations of collection points. At this stage, it is important to help people to survive an emergency.

In several days families will come back to their half-destroyed houses and face new difficulties: they need to repair houses, to restore the windows that were taken out of the buildings, to change the furniture to have where to sleep, to buy a new cooker and fridge to feed their children. That is another very important stage when the victims need even more help than now. We ask you to help the survived families to return from the terrible tragedy to the normal life as soon as possible. Help them to cope with the consequences of disaster!

The help will be distributed in the most affected large families and families with handicapped children together with the Department of Social Welfare in Krymsk. The money will be credited for the purchase of kitchen appliance (refrigerators, electric and gas-stoves), beds and essential goods.

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