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Kubarev Rostislav, 6 years old

Date of birth: 1 November 2007.
Stavropol Krai, Otkaznoe village.

Diagnosis: tuberous sclerosis. While the disease was developing, it caused a brain tumor threatening the child’s life. The doctors in Tecnon Clinic in Spain can save the child by excising the tumor. The surgery will cost EUR 34 000. Please help!
21 November 2013

Rostislav is suffering from a tuberous sclerosis, the disease is severe, incurable, and is of polysystemic nature, i.e. it damages practically all organs in the body. The disease causes the formation of tubers, knots that may appear in any organ. Nobody can predict where or when they appear, usually they do not touch them, because as the doctors say, «what’s the reason of cutting the whole body with scalpel». But Rostislav has a tumor in his brain, and this tumor, even though being bening, is posing an immediate threat to the boy’s life: the location of a giant cell astrocytoma is such, that its further growth will block the flow of spinal fluid. And this is that rare occurrence when a surgery must be performed.

Rostik received advice from the experts from several countries, and most of them agree that non-surgical disease development is extremely risky. And if the doctors in Israel and Germany suggest starting with drug treatment to reduce the tumor size and to perform the surgery afterwards, the Tecnon Clinic is ready to perform the surgery right away. The cost of a surgery is EUR 34 000. The hospitalization is set for December 10. This is a huge amount of money for the family from a small town exhausted by going from one hospital to another with a child who is seriously ill. And though seeing their child’s sufferings is a torture to the parents, they cannot save him without your help. We are asking for your support. Please help!

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