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Kuchma Rinat, 6

Rinat is not yet 7 years old, but the school is ready to welcome him in the 3rd grade. He can read and speak English, and knows multiplication table. But he could not go to school this year, since he has cerebral palsy, and can not walk without help. To be able to walk on his own, he needs several courses of therapy at rehabilitation centre «Ogonek-S». The cost of one course is 110 000 roubles.
28 January 2008

Rinat is taking the first course of rehabilitation therapy at «Ogonek-S», which has been paid thanks to your donations. Last weekend we visited the family, to inquire about their first impressions and plans for furture treatment. Rinat told us how he trains with physical training instructors, what kind of exercises he does to strengthen hip joints and muscles, and promised to pay close attention to what he is being told, to be able to continue training at home on his own.

We are starting collecting for Rinat again.

According to medical specialists, Rinat has a big potential. Intellectually he is far ahead of the children of his age. His main problem, motor dysfunction, is possible to solve. Rinat is expected to come for a next course in March. His parents are planning to take up a loan to be able to pay for his treatment. The last therapy course is scheduled for May 2008, and it costs 110 000 Roubles. Rinat?s family is asking us to help us collect this amount.

14 December 2007

Today we received a call from a friend of our foundation and a permanent sponsor, Anna. She will donate the rest of the amount needed to pay for Rinat?s treatment (55 400 Roubles). Thank you!

Rinat will now be able to attend January course of therapy at «Ogonek-S» rehabilitation centre. We would like to thank everyone who contributed!

26 October 2007

The amount of 9750 RUB, whis was received from lottery sale at the charity auction «Things you don?t need» will be used to pay for Rinat?s rehabilitation course. We need to collect 83 945 RUB.

17 October 2007

Mila Shahmatova, one of the foundation?s employees, visited Rinat today.
- When is your birthday, Rinat?
- On November 5th, I will be in the health centre then.
- What would you like to have?
- I don?t need anything, thank you. I have everything I need. You better come and visit me. We will have a cake. Chocolate cake. And we will be making wishes.
- And how many candles will you have on the cake?
Rinat has to think — looks at mother with a questioning glance.
- Come on, think again, how old are you going to be?
- Seven! Cake with seven candles! — he shouts with joy.
We have a long talk about his favourite toys, activities, and other things he likes to do, and Rinat finally admits that he would like to have a Spiderman, who can throw a net. I promise to find the toy.

Then Rinat recites a poem in Ukrainian («He learned it in Evpatory last time we were there» — says his mother), poems in Russian, counts in English and in Tatar, starts singing songs and can not stop… He would love to show how much he can. He would be so happy to go to school now, and the school is ready to welcome him. But his legs do not quite obey him yet, he needs to do some more training, and improve his muscles. Here he will need help from specialists in physiotherapy and massage. One of the centres Rinat?s family has been recommended to try is rehabilitation centre «Ogonek» in the city of Elektrostal. A monthly cost of treatment there is 98 000 RUB. Rinat?s family is unable to raise such an amount.

Before I go, Rinat whispers in my ear:
— Don?t forget, my hero is Spiderman!

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