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Kudryavtsev Gleb, 2.5 years old

Date of birth: 16 January 2012.
Vladimir, Russia.

Diagnosis: restrictive cardiomyopathy. Gleb’s heart and lungs are not functioning properly, and the child can be saved only through the transplantation of the organs. Russian law prohibits this type of surgery for children and the operation cannot be done in Russia. The hospital «Fortis» in India is ready to do the transplantation, and it will cost $95,000. It is the only chance to save Gleb. Please, help him.
8 July 2014

Gleb has heart trouble. Medical terminology sounds complex, yet in practical terms it means that the heart is weak, the underdeveloped ventricular walls fail to pump blood even throughout the small body of Gleb. And it can’t be helped. One can’t go to a doctor and ask to strengthen the heart muscle or to stretch the walls of ventricles and increase their volume . With every passing day Gleb grows older, and his heart beats slower, and one day it will stop. Doctors say there is not much time left: the child’s lifespan will be no more than 5 years.

Gleb’s heart can’t be cured, but Gleb’s life can be saved through transplantation. In Russia we are legally not allowed to transplant organs of dead children, so ill children are doomed to die if they can’t reach the age of 18. Gleb certainly won’t live that long. As soon as Russian doctors refused to help Gleb’s mother, she appealed to German experts. She managed to get enough money for the medical examination, after which the doctors were supposed to do the heart transplantation. But the child couldn’t get his new heart after all: by the time the money were collected and Gleb came for the examination, his lungs had started to malfunction, too. That meant that the child needed two operations, which was impossible in Germany. Now the Indian hospital «Fortis» awaits the child for a heart-lung transplant. It is a very difficult operation, and, still, it is feasible. Therefore, Gleb has a chance to survive. But this chance costs 95,000 dollars.

When you are reading the appeal of Gleb’s mother to help her pay for this operation, you come to recollect «The Wizard of Oz». A girl and her friends were going down the road of yellow bricks to meet a wizard in order to make their wishes come true — to get a heart, wit, bravery, and return home. It was a long and hard path, but they made it and fulfilled their dreams. In the same way Gleb and his mother are going down their own path to find a heart, breath, and life. True, we are not in a fairytale, but then the wizard of Oz wasn’t real either. He was an ordinary person, like all of us. He just knew that he could help, and he did help. And we, too, can give a new life to Gleb.

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