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Kurenkova Viktoriya, 5

Viktorya has cystic fibrosis. She also has pseudomonas aeruginosa infection which affects her lungs, and therefore needs a course of treatment with antibiotics (Colistine), for the amount of 48 352 Roubles.
1 February 2008

Kurenkova Elena, Viktorya's mother, writes:

My daughter Viktorya is diagnosed with a severe form of cystic fibrosis (CF).This condition affects practically all internal organs, and is incurable, but with adequate medication the life of CF patients can be improved and they can have a long life. Unfortunately, in Russia several kinds of medication that are so vital to us, are not included in federal funding program, therefore, children?s lives often depend on the financial situation of their parents.

We can buy some of the medicines ourselves, but a lot of antibiotics are very expensive. For instance, a course of Colistine treatment costs 48 352 Roubles. Viktorya needs daily inhalations of Colistine, but we are unable to buy it.

According to our doctor, Colistine treatment can help to stop pseudomonas aeruginosa infection which has severely affected our daughter's lungs. There is hope that her health condition will improve. We therefore ask you to please help us!

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