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Anastasia Kurilo, 24 years old

Date of birth: 12 December 1989.
Diagnosis: spine trauma. To return to a normal life Nastya needs to receive treatment, but her mother and she do not have money for this treatment. Nastya has nobody else to rely on. We are asking you to help to pay for the rehabilitation course in ORTOS clinic. The cost of a course is RUR 93000.
3 February 2013

Nastya is a victim of a car accident. Her spine, clavicles were broken, she had a very serious head injury, there was no a single undamaged zone on her face — the doctors had to literally collect it from the beginning. The mother saw Nastya in a ward, she was wrapped in bandages like a mummy, and the doctors could not tell her anything certain, because they still could not understand how a girl could survive after such injuries.

At that moment I was mostly concerned about my face, I was afraid that the scars will remain, — Nastya recalls. I was 18 then, and for a girl of this age this was really very serious. More serious might be only death, but my brain strongly denied it, so I was not afraid of it. My mother and I were crying together in the hospital ward — my grief was my lost beauty, my mom’s grief was my broken life.

A couple of years later Nastya and her mother realized that they were crying over the wrong thing. The scars left no traces, the life, of course, changed, but it was not broken, just the values changed — the priority now was to get out of a wheelchair. Thanks to Nastya’s patience during her treatment in the hospitals and at home she gradually regained sensitivity, began to move her arms, the girl learned to do everything without somebody’s assistance. But the society still does not feel like accepting Nastya.

Nastya got a status of a disabled person, which actually means that the girl does not have any abilities unless she provides them herself. Thus, Nastya and her mother constructed a wheelchair ramp: they bought it and installed it at their own expense in order to give Nastya a chance to leave the house. Also, they paid for several rehabilitation courses, because one year after a trauma appearance the injured persons have to take care of them themselves. Another issue is that one rehabilitation course costs 10 times more than a monthly disability pension. But only a course-type treatment gives people a chance for a full recovery. Only one year is not enough for that. For example, Nastya reached the point of walking with the rails only after 6 years. She learnt to make steps during the previous treatment course. The doctors of the center immediately put her on the list for the next course in order to fix this skill and to start mastering the next one — independent walking. But Nastya does not have money to pay for the precious treatment.

This is why they are asking for your help. We are joining Nastya. She has a chance to get to her feet and to forget that horrible accident. But she needs your help. The treatment course will cost RUR 93 000. Please, help Nastya.

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