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Kuznetsov Artyom, 3 years

Date of birth: 29 July 2007.
Moscow, Russia.

The diagnosis: Cerebral palsy. Artyom and Masha are twins. They were born prematurely and as a result of that they have a lot of health problems. Masha was able to recover, but Artyom still cannot cope with all the consequences of cerebral palsy. He still hasn’t learned how to walk. He needs help in paying for the treatment. Total cost is 74000 rubles (2 470 USD).
21 July 2010

Artyom’s mom says:

My pregnancy wasn’t going very well, I had toxicosis all the time and high risk of miscarriage. When I was 31 weeks pregnant I went into premature labor. Just like all other premature babies, mine had to go through congenital pneumonia, intensive care, artificial lung ventilation, intravenous infusion drip and gastrogavage. My babies were able to cope with all the initial problems and after two months we went home, but with bad prognosis from the doctors.

Masha had to go through the eye surgery to treat her retinopathy of prematurity. Doctors were able to save her eyesight. We did a lot of exercise therapy and massage, so my daughter was able to walk when she was 17 months old. Unfortunately Artyom couldn’t recover so quickly and catch up with his sister. He also does exercise therapy and stretching, therapeutic horse riding, he goes to a special day care for kids with similar difficulties. A speech therapist, defectologist and psychologist work with him, he attends art classes. It usually takes a whole day of work. Artyom is really interested in all of his classes and activities. His mental development is almost at the same level with that of other kids of his age, but physically he is very limited.

I am eager to help my son recover completely, so that my children can be happy. I had to quit my job, because my son needs constant care and treatment. Now my husband is the only one who makes money in our family. While we had some resources, we were able to undergo 3 courses of treatment in the International clinic of rehabilitation treatment in Truskavets, Ukrain. Now we see improvement in Artyom’s condition: he learned to roll over, to crawl, to sit cross-legged, to say some new words. But we have to keep doing this treatment every 4 to 6 months. Every course costs 1845 euros not including living and trip expenses. We can’t collect that much money, therefore I ask you for help.

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