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Ladesov Andrey, 23 years old

Date of birth: 30 June 1987.

Diagnosis: spinal trauma. Straight-A and honor student jumped into the water in a wrong way and became paralyzed. He’s been fighting for two years. He’s achieved a lot, but still needs help. One rehabilitation course costs 146,000 rubles (5,200 dollars).
23 May 2011

From the letter of Andrey’s mom:

Our life completely changed in one minute. An upbeat and athletic young man who graduated with honors from high school and the University of Architecture and Construction Engineering and was going to start graduate school suddenly found himself on a hospital bed. After a jump in the water Andrey got a trauma of the cervical spine. When friends got him out, he was completely paralyzed.

On his birthday, June 30, he was in the operating room. Doctors connected all the broken bones with a plate and were hoping for a positive dynamic, but there were complications. Doctors openly told us that he doesn’t have a chance of survival. His heart stopped three times. Nevertheless, he did survive! When Andrey came back home, he was completely exhausted, helpless and desperate. We started the slow but persistent fight for his recovery. Over time my son started coming back to life. In November 2010 his friends helped collect the money and he went to a special rehabilitation clinic. After a month of exercise and special treatment Andrey started showing some improvement. He learned to stand on hands and knees. In order to reinforce the results and achieve new improvements he needs to continue treatment.

Doctors told us about an amazing training system Lokomat. This system motivates locomotion therapy and restores walking ability with the help of robotic equipment. Only several hospitals in Moscow have this Locomat, one of those hospitals is Central Clinic of Rehabilitation «Goluboe». We heard a lot of good things about this clinic, they have professional rehabilitation instructors, special swimming pools, and patients show great results after being treated there. It is extremely unfortunate that our family cannot pay for treatment of our son in that clinic. Andrey receives social benefits because of his disability and I had to quit my job to look after my son. Now I am retired. Andrey’s dad works on a factory. Even if we don’t spend money at all, we can never collect enough.

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