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Lavrentyev Kirill, 9 years old

Date of birth: 19 September 2001.
St. Petersburg.

Diagnosis: epilepsy. Kirill has spasms several times a day. Every day he gets worse. His family still doesn’t have the money for a life-saving surgery. 25,200 euros is a lot of money for an average Russian family. Please, help!
29 August 2011

The only way to stop the spread of the disease, to stop epilepsy attacks and to bring the child back to normal life is a surgery. They will completely take out the right hemisphere of Kirill’s brain. It sounds scary, but in Europe such surgeries are not uncommon, especially in Germany. Many people have been cured after that surgery and now they live normal and healthy lives. In Russia they don’t do surgeries like that yet, so going to Germany is the only chance to save Kirill. For 25,200 euros.

Kirill has already had the full examination, and doctors said that the surgery is needed urgently, while the healthy hemisphere is not harmed. It is scheduled for October 5. After the examination Kirill’s parents didn’t have a choice but to ask for your help.

From the letter of Kirill’s mom:

We only spent two days in the German clinic. The doctors all agree, we need the surgery if we want to save our child. The head of epileptology department in Bonn’s University clinic Professor Elger has told us we have 80% chance of success in the surgery. It is a lot for a diagnosis like ours. Left hemisphere of Kirill’s brain is completely healthy, and it will do the work for both hemispheres after the surgery. But the chances get slimmer every day, because epilepsy might take over the healthy part of his brain too. Epilepsy attacks and anti-epilepsy medicine are slowing down Kirill’s development, therefore rehabilitation will be slower and more complicated. Meds have already changed his blood formula and there is high risk of internal bleeding.

I saw a video about patients with the same diagnosis. What I saw was amazing. Before the surgery a child of my son’s age is just sitting there staring blankly at the wall. I see the same stare on Kirill’s face after the attacks. And then they showed the same boy 5 years later — he was jumping, playing tennis, he was absolutely normal.

The doctors said that Kirill has great chances for recovery. Of course, the surgery is very complicated and the rehabilitation will be long and difficult. Left leg will not be working as well, and the left eye will likely see worse. But that is the price we have to pay for the surgery that will stop these horrible attacks and Kirill’s intellect will finally get a chance to develop normally. We don’t have another choice, because the attacks and anti-epilepsy drugs are killing Kirill.

You are our only hope. We can never collect that much money. I don’t dream that my child will play tennis one day. I only hope that he leads a normal life. However right now it is not up to me.

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