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Lezhnin Ilya, 5 years old

Date of birth: 16 July 2007.
Yoshkar-Ola city, Mari El republic.

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy, bilateral lower extremity spastic paraparesis. Ilusha needs a course of sanatorium treatment to become able to walk. The course costs 91610 rubles. The treatment is scheduled for September 20.
4 August 2012

Ilusha needs help again!

After the last year course of treatment the kid achieved a great success: he began to walk without support, climb the stairs and stand on his own. The doctors promised the child complete recovery. But Cerebral Palsy is a cruel disease. While the child is growing up, his muscles become spastic again, the pain comes back and acquired skills could be completely lost and the child would have to stay in a wheelchair again. Exactly such process began in Ilusha’s organism. It’s difficult to say, who’s scared more between the mother and the child. Just yesterday he could walk through the flat without support and now his legs give away and he began falling down again. Tears, hurt und misunderstanding are the feelings of Ilusha. His mother talked to the doctors of the Yevpatoria sanatorium who literally taught him to walk and they scheduled the second rehabilitation course as soon as possible, while the setback is not too serious. The cost of the treatment is 91160 rubles. We ask you to help Ilusha to maintain health.

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