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Lipina Svetlana, 7 years old

Date of birth: 5 February 2004.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, epilepsy. Sveta spends most of her time at home, where she does rehabilitation exercises. It is hard to provide all the necessary equipment for effective rehabilitation at home, especially the training devices. Sveta’s parents don’t have money to buy them, the cost is 45,976 rubles (1,600 dollars). They need your help!
26 August 2011

No daycare for children with disabilities accepts Sveta. They do accept other kids with cerebral palsy, but they refuse to accept Sveta. She has all the same problems — difficulties with walking, coordination and talking. However, she has an additional problem — epilepsy. That is why they don’t accept her in special daycare, so she can’t use rehabilitation equipment that they have and simply be around other kids her age.

How do you explain to a 7-year-old why they don’t want to accept her? How do you explain why the grown-ups that treat other kids like her refuse to help in her case? They don’t want problems, they are scared to deal with epilepsy attacks or simply don’t want to waste time on her, because she might lose all the progress. But she might do just fine, why doesn’t she deserve a chance for recovery?

The girl hasn’t learned to answer those questions. She is busy with learning about how to live this life. She believes that despite all the obstacles one day she’ll be able to just walk out of that room that she spent so many years in. Her mom always tells her: «If God wants you to live, there must be a reason for that. Find it!»

Sveta tries very hard, she always does her exercise, spends a lot of effort on learning how to be healthy. So far she hasn’t had much success, because all she has to help her exercise are canes and different supports to teach her how to walk. It is obviously not enough. Sveta needs special training devices: treadmill and an elliptical trainer to develop walking skills, a bicycle to develop her muscles. Doctors recommend the use of those aids for the best rehabilitation. Sveta’s parents cannot afford that, the two devices together cost 45,976 rubles (1,600 dollars). Sveta’s dad works as a driver and makes 10-12 thousand rubles per month (around 400 dollars), and Sveta’s mom has to stay with the girl all the time, as she can’t be left alone yet. We are asking you to help Sveta. She has a good chance to learn to take care of herself. She just needs a little bit of support.

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