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Litvinova Svetlana, 22 years old

Diagnosis: bone marrow disease as a result of trauma. Sveta needs to pass three rehabilitation courses in the center “OrtoS” to start walking again, the cost of such treatment is $8,095. Required funds was gathered.

Extracted from Svetlana’s letter:

In 2001 I was studying in 11th grade. There was a “Day of Health” in our school and we participated in different competitions organized out of the town in a neglected garden. My classmates started to tease me and I climb up the tree, they started to drop something at me and I tried to climb higher. Then I felt on the ground, because the branches were not strong. My legs were not moving but I thought it will pass. The arm was broken and nobody provided me with the first aid.

Only in hospital the doctors made injection of anaesthetic and made x-ray. My legs were hurting but no more medical assistance was provided. Only in three days the doctors send me to the hospital in a larger city — Stavropol’ to make another examination and then made a surgery. In 10 days they sent me back home. We were asking the doctors what do we need to do next, what kind of treatment is needed? But they said there is no need to do anything, it will be cured by time.

Time was passing but nothing was changing I still couldn’t walk. In 2 years in Social Insurance Institution I got a direction to special treatment center. There I learned what I needed to have done. I started to do exercises every day, started standing, walking a bit with the help of special equipment. But my legs were very weak, the muscles almost didn’t work.

My acquaintances told me about rehabilitation center in the city Berdsk. Social Insurance Institution denied me in direction to it. Then my parents borrowed money and sent me to the treatment themselves. The results were seen after the very first rehabilitation course: muscles became stronger, legs started moving better. Specialists from the center “OrtoS” said this rehabilitation course should be done not less then three times a year. But we don’t have money even for one more! The cost of a forty-day treatment is 68,800 rubles. My mum works in kindergarden and earns 900 rubles (about $36) a month, my father works only during the certain seasons. All means we have they spend on my treatment.

All that parents were saving during the last years we spend already. Rehabilitation in “OrtoS” showed great results. So I decided to address you and ask for help! Please, help me to start walking again!

Comments of Elena Nechaeva, the head of medical department of the center “OrtoS”, Berdsk:

Sveta has a positive prognosis, she has all chances to start walking on her own again. We made special equipment which she can use to walk on small distances. During the next course we’ll try and make her use crutches, then she will be able, we hope, to walk with a walking stick, and if the dynamics stay the same at the end o the third course Sveta will walk on her own.

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