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Correctional comprehensive school in Lobnya

Lobnya city.

In this correctional school there are 110 students. All children have mental disabilities. Most of them are from poor families, some are orphans. Previously provided help: new equipment for the speech therapist and the locksmithery, for a total of 114,478 rubles (3,700 dollars). Now the school needs new floor covering for the total of 132,862 rubles (4,300 dollars).
17 June 2011

Last week, employees of Bank Credit Suisse (Moscow) visited a school with a philanthropic mission. The school could use a good cleaning after a facelift. There were blotches of dry paint on the floor, the furniture had to be moved back into place, and the windows were all splattered with whitewash. Help was much needed and welcome.

A volunteer’s story:

The volunteer movement is growing strong at our bank, and so are our ties with the charity. We contribute every year to helping sick children who need surgery, we collect cash, books and toys for children. This year, the employees of our Bank came up with a new initiative: to help underprivileged children with practical work. On June 9, Svetlana Orlenko, Galina Ivanova, Elena Gouz and Ekaterina Maltseva from Accounts Payable visited a special school in Lobnya to help make life a little better for the children.

The school building, constructed in the 1930s, is in a pitiful condition. The government provides very little funding. The Principal, Alla, told us volumes about her schoolchildren. It was obvious that this work is not just her duty, but her calling. The kids there are difficult, but Alla made them all look like angels — happy and easy to get along with. We met and talked with the schoolchildren and with their teachers, who struck us as kind and brave people.

They asked us to wash the windows at that school, which needed a good cleaning after the renovation. Our girls jumped right in, washing the windows in three auditoriums and the speech therapist’s office. Our help came in very handy and was much appreciated.

We hope that our example will inspire more of our colleagues to join us next time we set out to help the children. With more people around who care, we can make the world a little better, a little kinder.

2 December 2010

Thanks to you we were able to buy new equipment for the speech therapist and the locksmithery. The old building has seen some change for the first time since soviet times. There is no help from anywhere, governmental support is very poor. Large companies are also not very interested in living conditions of mentally challenged kids.

These days the school is in need of new floor covering. Floors are wooden, were made in 1940. Every year school workers paint them so that they look better, but now they are completely out of order. Director of the school wrote letters to companies that are located nearby: Aeroflot and Sheremetyevo airport, but never got any answer. We also contacted press center of Sheremetyevo, but they said that the airport doesn’t have this much money for charity.

In all civilized countries there is special attention to disabled people and their rehabilitation, treatment and living conditions. Children with disabilities suffer enough, they are not like others and might never be like everyone else. Everything is done to make them feel as comfortable as possible in the society of «normal» people. They have colorful and comfortable schools, great rehabilitation centers with all the newest equipment. You’ll never see rotten floors or window frames that are completely dried out. In our country it is very rare case when government addresses those problems. Comfortable living conditions in clinics, special schools and rehabilitation centers are not the norm yet. Only we can help our children.

School administration, students and their parents are asking you to help collect the money iin the amount of 132,862 rubles (4,300 dollars) for purchase of 350 square meters of linoleum. School workers will put it down by themselves.

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