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Tariel M., 24 years old

Date of birth: 4 June 1991.
Moskva Oblast, Tarasovkha village.

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis (CF), also known as mucoviscidosis. Today Tariel is on the waiting list for a lungs transplantation. But even if an organ donor is found, the operation cannot be performed until Tariel puts on weight. The illness has disturbed the work of the digestive system, and so food is poorly digested. We beg you to help in collecting RUB 300 000 to buy special clinical nutrition for Tariel.
8 September 2015

In his own experience Tariel knows how much the life with medicaments differs from the life without them. In recent years for several times you gave a helping hand with buying antibiotics for him. Tariel can vividly describe how much your help means to him. Breathlessness, difficulty in breathing, the cough sapping the boy’s strength, a permanent fever and clouding of consciousness, inability even to get out of bed — all these things are haunting those who suffer from CF, unless they are provided with medicaments. If these people do have drugs, they spend a common life, which stands out only for the necessity of taking medicine on the schedule. But all the rest things are quite common. Tariel has finished school; he has been an altar server in a cathedral. To play the clarinet and the guitar, to sing, to ride a bicycle, to make friends, to fall in love, just to live — the happiness of going on doing all these things depends on the medicine supply.

Unfortunately, he had no opportunity to get all the drugs regularly; sometimes he was not provided with them. During such periods, the illness had been intensified by infections and had been gradually disturbing Tariel’s lungs. At last the illness was stopped. But no medicine could restore the impaired organism to the better state, in which it used to be earlier. Nowadays Tariel is 24; he has to breathe through an oxygen thickener for 14-16 hours a day. Otherwise his lungs do not cope with their function. Moreover, Tariel has to get special clinical nutrition, because common food is poorly digested.

Today Tariel is on the waiting list for a lungs transplantation. But he has to put on weight to come through the operation successfully. Today his weight is only 56 kg by the height 185 cm. His digestive system has also been disturbed. The doctors advised Tariel to place the Stamm Gastrostomy to deliver special enteral nutrition through it to the organism. Otherwise Tariel will not manage to put on enough weight, even if he eats three times more than the daily norm.

Tariel needs 2 packets of clinical nutrition a day; each of them costs RUB 1000. He has to take it for several months, until he puts on enough weight and an organ donor is found. But the problem is the Tariel’s family cannot afford it. Tariel cannot work; his parents are pensioners; Tariel’s younger brother is doing his best to help the family, but his salary is RUB 20 000. The total income of the family is not enough to buy clinical nutrition and medicaments for Tariel. We beg you to help in collecting RUB 300 000 for Tariel. This sum is large enough to provide Tariel with what he needs for several months. During this period he will get an opportunity to put on enough weight to be operated. This is the price of his future.

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