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Malezhick Artiom, 4 years old

Date of birth: 7 August 2012.
Komi Respublic, Solnechnogorskh town.

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect. A small hole in the boy’s heart is enlarging from day to day. Cardiac surgeons have decided that an operation should be performed. The operation itself will be free of charge, but Artiom’s parents will have to pay for the materials. The problem is they cannot afford it. We beg you to help in collecting RUB 273 644. Otherwise, there is no chance that the operation will be performed.
28 September 2016

Is it a large size — fourteen millimetres? A small distance, even less than three squares in a student’s school writing-book. Now try and imagine that such a hole is found somewhere in a heart of a four-year-old child. This hole is the reason why Artiom feels sick, the reason why his parents are afraid and keep awake at night, the reason why doctors insist that the boy should undergo an operation.

Artiom’s state of health is deteriorating increasingly; it is easy to measure mathematically — in millimetres. When he was one year old, the size of the hole was about nine mm. It means that within three years the size has increased in five mm. One does not have to be a doctor to predict how the situations is going to develop further: the hole will keep growing. And the level of oxygen concentration in the boy’s blood will be diminishing with every heartbeat, for two types of blood — arterial and venous — will intermingle through the hole. Artiom will suffer more and more from breathlessness and permanent weariness. The more time passes the more dangerous the symptoms will be displayed, and other ones will occur.

The surgeons can fix the date for the operation at any time — even tomorrow. The only serious obstacle is lack of necessary equipment — a device that closes the defect between the heart chambers. The operation itself is free of charge, but the parents have to pay for material to perform it. Unfortunately, not every family can afford to spend RUB 273 644 — Artiom’s family cannot do it. Meanwhile, the surgeons insist that the operation should be performed as soon as possible. We beg you to help the boy!

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