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Malsaghova Alima, 2 years old

Date of birth: 26 May 2014.
the Republic of Ingushetia, Karabulak.

Diagnosis: Congenital defect of the bronchus, Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) or Kartagener syndrome (the visceral organs are mirrored from their normal positions). The family has four children suffering from serious diseases; but today it is Malima who needs help urgently. Her state of health is very bad; she should start taking the antibiotic ’Colistin’ to kill infection in the organism. The medicine costs RUB 255 200. The family needs your help!
16 March 2017

«Geneticist told us that there was a very small chance for the second child to be born with the same congenital defect. But it happened so that in our small family no one child is perfectly healthy,» — writes Ludmila, a mother of four children. Three boys and one girl — they all have congenital bronchus defect. The youngest child — Alima — also has situs inversus: her visceral organs are mirrored from their normal positions. Children’s bronchial tubes do not cope with expectoration, so phlegm accumulates in their visceral organs and becomes breeding grounds for various infections. That is why the children very often have to take various drugs — those thinning phlegm and anti-viral ones. Still, colds and bronchitis haunt them; the family is happy if everyone is well two weeks at best. When one of the children falls ill, the other immediately become infected as well.

The family copes with common infections on their own. For that they have to buy a lot of drugs — they tend to manage it somehow, though their father only has an opportunity to work. The family exists on his salary and the children’s disability grants. If analysis shows that the children have blue pus bacillus, the family cannot cope on their own. Let alone these bacteria are extremely dangerous for the patients with such a diagnose, it takes a lot of money and effort to get rid of them. Ps. aeruginosa is resistant to most of antibiotics except for ‘Colistin’; several long-lasting courses of treatment are required to combat the bacteria. The medicine required to give one course to one child costs RUB 255 200. And what if other children would become infected too? Neither one — nor even two — salaries would be enough.

Last year you helped the family to buy the medicine, so that their therapy was not being interrupted for a whole year. But now the state of the youngest child — Alima — is really bad; doctors recommend that the course of therapy should be given to her again as soon as possible. Ministry of Health of Ingushetia, to which the family wrote first and foremost, failed to provide any help, as the budget did not have any money for that. You did manage to support the girl last year. The family hopes you would help Alima this time as well.

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