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Malsaghova Alima, 20 months old

Date of birth: 16 May 2014.
Karabulak, Republic of Ingushetia.

Diagnosis: Congenital bronchus defect; Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD), also known as Kartagener syndrome (reversal of the internal organs).There are four sick children in the family, and today it is Alima who badly needs medical care. Her state of health is getting significantly worse; it is absolutely necessary for her to start taking the antibiotic Colistin to kill infections. The medicine costs RUB 382 800. The family does not have such a sum. They do need your help!
2 February 2016

«It so happened that all the children in our small family have some health problems,» — Ludmila writes. She has four children — three girls and a boy; all of her them have Congenital bronchus defect. The youngest child Alima suffers also from another illness — Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD), which means that her internal organs are mirrored from their normal positions.

All the children seem to look healthy and try to live like the common people do. The older kids go to school, but very often they are unwell and have to stay at home. Their lungs and bronchi do not work properly. As the children do not have enough strength to hawk properly, phlegm accumulates in the lungs. The children take drugs permanently; it can only provide relief, but cannot cure. Special physical exercises, which the children do in the morning and in the evening, alleviate the symptoms for a short period of time. Meanwhile, phlegm in the lungs creates a stimulating environment for reproduction of more dangerous infections. Without proper treatment they might destroy the organ tissues.

It seems to be obvious that their mother had to leave her job and stay at home. She is a doctor, and the children do need constant medical care. The younger children still has to be controlled, as the kids are usually not very fond of taking medicine, even if they feel really unwell. It is their father who earns a living. We might imagine what he feels, when he learns that the date of getting benefit medicine is put off for approximately a year. However, these drugs can not be substituted with any other ones, and the course of treatment is to be started immediately. The father who has four children is nearly driven mad, as his children’s state of health is getting increasingly worse, and he can do nothing to save them. True, no one family in Russia could bear that enormous cost at a chemist’s on their own.

Now the things have got even worse — the girls do feel very sick. There are lots of serious infections in their lungs and bronchi; it is only Colistin which would help them. It is especially difficult for Alima to bear the disease. The medicine for her costs RUB 382 800. The family does not have such a sum. We beg you to support the family and help them to buy medicine for the girl!

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