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Mamataeva Amina, 8 years

Date of birth: 11 September 2002.
Khasavyurt city, the Republic of Dagestan.

Diagnosis: Partial optic nerve atrophy, secondary cataract. Amina needs help in paying for consultations and surgery in the German clinic. The cost is 5,236 euros (7,300 dollars).
14 October 2010

Amina had a birth trauma that resulted in cerebral apoplexy, which then led to almost complete blindness. She had 5 surgeries in Dagestan, she was brought to Moscow, to the Institute n.a. Gelmogolz, but with no success. Amina was going blind.

The doctors recommended Amina’s mom to send the documents to the German clinic Bielefeld Rosenhohe. German doctors agreed to take Amina for consultation and surgery, but it will cost a lot of money that the family simply doesn’t have, 5,325 euros (7,300 dollars). Amina’s family has two more children, all girls. The youngest one is only 3 months old. Their only income is irregular earning of their dad and some support from the relatives. Please, help Amina see the world with healthy eyes.

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