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Mashevskii Maxim, 5 years old

Date of birth: 15 June 2006.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. On his way to recovery the boy needs one course of treatment in Dr. Skvortsov’s clinic, that costs 59,500 rubles (2,066 dollars).
15 August 2011

Maxim and his mom Anna are true fighters. Anna fights for her son to get rid of cerebral palsy and start walking in every way she can. Maxim handles all the procedures and massages, hospitals and rehabilitation centers like a true fighter, without any objections. As a result of that fight the boy can walk and even run, but for the normal life he still needs to start talking. He hasn’t said a word in the five years of his life. This problem can be fixed in the clinic of Dr. Skvortsov in Moscow. Unfortunately Anna doesn’t have the money to pay for that treatment, she raises Maxim alone. We ask you to help Maxim start talking!

From Anna’s letter:

I wanted a child very much. Maxim was born at 38 weeks, he weighed 2,260 grams. Doctors told us that the baby is premature and needs to gain weight, but that he is healthy. Later when Maxim didn’t start turning, crawling or sitting at the age when other kids did, we started panicking. That’s when all the hospitals, doctors and procedures began. Eventually my son started walking, I couldn’t be happier. It was our achievement and our first victory in the fight with the disease.

Now Maxim is 5 years old, but he still hasn’t started talking. He can grab you by the hand and point to whatever he needs, but his only words are «aaaa» and «eeeee». We would like to go Dr. Skvortsov’s clinic, because medication does not help. Our city doesn’t have a rehabilitation center like that. I am a single parent, Maxim’s father left when my boy was 2. I try as hard as I can, but the salaries here are small. We only live on my salary of 7,000 rubles (243 dollars) and Maxim’s social benefit of 6,000 rubles (208 dollars). We are lucky to have Maxim’s grandfather help us, he watches my son sometimes. Maxim is a very happy and active child, and we would do anything for him to grow up into a normal person and to start talking. I can’t wait to hear him say «mama» for the first time.

Please, help us!

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