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Matveyev Vladimir, 16 years old

Date of birth: 8 May 1996.
Ivanteevka, Moscow region.

Diagnosis: Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Due to unstable blood glucose levels Volodya has been recommended to use an implantable insulin pump, which would automatically deliver the required insulin dose into the blood. The cost of the device with expendable materials is 160,315 rubles (approx. 5,297 US dollars). He needs your help!
16 May 2012

Volodya has insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Every day he has to control his blood glucose levels and inject the required insulin dose several times by himself. Every blood glucose measurement and every injection is accompanied by pain which he has gotten used to after so many years. Recently however his glucose parameters became so unstable that he was recommended to implant an insulin pump which would automatically control blood glucose and inject insulin. With the device being implanted, Volodya will have only to refill the reservoir with insulin; the rest of the work will be done automatically by the pump. The cost of the device with expendable materials is 160,315 rubles. Volodya’s mother raises him alone and therefore can’t buy this device.

From the mum`s letter:

Volodya was diagnosed with diabetes in 2001. Apart from the main diagnosis, my son suffers from many concomitant diseases, because of which we had to arrange home schooling for him. But still Vladimir goes to school when his health condition allows by attending i-school through distance education. He studies well and has no dissatisfactory marks at a school with advanced study of the English language. The teachers understand Volodya`s problem and meet him halfway by rearranging the schedule of classes in case his condition worsens. He gets along well with his classmates and Vladimir does not feel shy measuring his blood glucose level and giving himself injections. Everybody in class knows he has diabetes.

Volodya tries to proudly fight against the disease, be independent, and not lose the zest for life and hope for the future. This year he graduates from the 10-th grade and dreams of entering law school in Moscow State University.

Due to the problems with his health he cannot put on weight which is much lower than the norm. We hope that an insulin pump will help Vladimir to normalize the blood glucose level, gain some weight, avoid diabetic complications and make his trips to school and other classes easier.

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