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Minibayev Sasha, 8 years old

Date of birth: 17 July 2009.
Arkhangelsk Oblast, Andreyevskaya village.

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect. Though the defect is not that serious, even ‘simple’, as the doctors put it, it affects greatly the boy’s health and life — it causes weariness, developmental delay. We beg you to help in paying for operating theater equipment at a cost of RUB 273 644, so that the doctors could cure the defect.
6 July 2017

Heart problems the boy has have been identified immediately after Sasha was born. However, the surgeons did not insist that he should undergo an operation: the defect was not a threat for his life; a long-term anaesthesia, chest opening to reach the heart and ‘mend’ the hole, on the contrary, could be dangerous for the boy. Thus, the operation was delayed to let the boy grow up a bit.

Hence, Sasha had to live with the heart defect. It was rather strange to notice that a boy did not enjoy playing, refused to teeter, to slide, that he had no interest to flying pigeons in the park. Sasha began to speak rather late; when he was preparing for school, speech and language delay, thought in a slight form, was diagnosed. He pronounces words wrong, but he has no problems with hearing and speaking. Such a disorder is called dyslalia; it was added to the boy’s medical card to accompany the heart defect. Then Sasha was made to spend another year in the first form, as he did not manage to cope with the programme; his teachers also hinted that the boy should attend a special corrections class.

So now Sasha’s heart defect is not only the cause for his sickness and lack of interest for playing; it deprives the boy of a chance to become a successful and happy person. There is a danger that it could spoil his future life. But it could be prevented, as the defect can be cured right now. The operation to be performed is the endovascular one: through the catheter built to the through-passage a special device is being transported to the heart and closes the hole. The risks are small; the dose and time of the anaesthesia are minimized; the chest should not be opened. The problem is to buy the device, i. e. the occluder. And this is the reason why the operation has not been performed as yet.

The device costs RUB 273 644. The income of the family is very modest; the boy has a younger brother, and their parents can hardly make ends meet. We beg you to help the family to buy the occluder for Sasha. If the operation is performed successfully, this year Sasha will go to school being a healthy boy; he will succeed in completing his school year and will be good at studying later. What is more important, his heart will function properly.

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