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Mishina Alexandra, 16 years old

Date of birth: 18 March 1995.
Mariinskii Posad city, Chuvashiya.

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. Alexandra needs a course of treatment with antibiotic Toby that costs 262,995 rubles (9,370 dollars).
28 March 2011

The girl needs a course of treatment with an expensive antibiotic Toby. According to the latest examinations Toby is the only medicine that can save her lungs from destruction and protect them from harmful infection. The cost is 262,995 rubles (9,370 dollars).

From the letter of Sasha’s mom:

Every time someone asks me to tell them about my daughter’s disease it always reminds me of wonderful doctors in the Children’s Hospital in Moscow. They have taught us to live with this diagnosis and helped to accept that the disease is incurable. They told us about the correct treatment too. They explained that with proper medication a person with cystic fibrosis can live a long and happy life. Sasha always repeats these words, they’ve become her motto. She only brings As from school, her dream is to become a chef and open her own restaurant. She never doubts that all her dreams will come true.

We always follow doctors’ advice very strictly, but the problem is that with time Sasha’s body gets used to certain medications and they simply stop working. Whatever was helping before becomes inefficient. Last time doctors prescribed antibiotic Toby. After one course Sasha felt much better. This year Sasha is finishing 9th grade, she’ll have her first set of exams, which is stressful for any kid. Doctors told us that we should buy some more Toby for this period, it will be necessary. How can we do that if the antibiotic costs 262,995 rubles? It’s a huge amount of money for our family.

Sasha’s dream is to become a chef and volunteers had organized a workshop for her in «Galereya» restaurant.

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