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Moloshenko Maximilian, 4 years old

Date of birth: 7 November 2006.
Yeisk city, Krasnodarskii kraal.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. We are looking for help in paying for a course of treatment in Truskavets clinic that costs 1,940 euros.
27 August 2011

In April Maxim had a course of treatment developed by professor Kozyavkin in International Clinic in Truskavets. As a result of this rehabilitation the boy started holding his head much better, he became more active, his parents got recommendations on how to help their child develop better at home. Now they know what kind of training devices they can make themselves, how to do manual therapy correctly, and many other helpful things. This fall Maxim is expected for another course of treatment. Unfortunately, the family is not doing any better financially since the last course that you helped pay. In fact, they are doing even worse, their dad lost his job. Now they are having difficulties finding enough money even for food. Therefore they are asking for your help again. The cost this time is going to be 1,940 euros. The results of the first course were significant. Every new move that Maxim learns means a lot for him, every new move changes his life and opens the door to many new possibilities.

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