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Nartailakova Rita, 20 years old

Date of birth: 6 December 1996.
Novodmitriyevskaya village, Krasnodar Kray.

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis. After so many years of treatment, Rita’s organism became resistant to the better part of effective antibiotics, while with the drugs that would work she have not been provided for more than two years. The girl’s state of health is serious, and her family cannot afford the appropriate treatment. They need your help to buy the medicine ‘Meronem’ and an inhaler at a cost of RUB 111 675.
17 October 2017

Rita was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was a baby — once and for a lifetime, since the disease is of genetical nature, and one has to live with it. The disease has pre-planned Rita’s way of life. First, it made her follow a personal schedule, take medicine on time and take care of herself. Then, at her school years, it rose up rebellion moods and unwillingness to accept her fate. Finally, at a more mature age, it taught her how to be patient and mild, taught her to love life, and, surprisingly, helped her to choose a future profession.

Today Rita is in her fourth year of a medical institute. In five years she will have taken her residency training and will start working as a geneticist. She hopes that she will manage to help as many people with the same diagnosis as possible. This disease is always on the alert, it constantly requires medical therapy. But one can never rely on the Ministry of Health in this respect, so Rita is not being provided with a sufficient amount of the required drug. It makes her life shorter than it could be.

Nevertheless, Rita is sure that she will become an excellent doctor and will manage to help lots of people, irrespective of the span of her life. It is due to a number of factors: she is doing her best at the university and is getting only excellent marks, she studies at nights and while staining in hospital, she is reading carefully far more books than it is on the syllabus. But mainly It is due to she knows what is going on ’the other side’ — for herself she is both a doctor, and a patient. She knows better than any doctor how it feels when one wants to take a breath but cannot do so, because the organism is lacking in the medicine.

Several years running Rita became our foundationer of the project ’Excellent students’, due to studying has always been the most important thing in her life. Today we ask you for quite a different thing. At present, it is the drugs that the girl needs badly. Her organism became sustainable to almost all effective antibiotics; with the only medicine that can help she was not provided for more than two years. Each day the girl has more and more difficulties with breathing, and such an appalling state is going to deteriorate further. Her family has no opportunity to help the girl, as three of four children in the family suffer from cystic fibrosis. Meanwhile, to support even one child with this disease is quite a challenge for any family.

Rita has always said that one’s life should not be judged from its duration, but from one’s deeds. As for her own life, it will not last long without the medicine. In order to live the girl has to take the treatment; thus, she urgently needs the drugs at a cost of RUB 99 120 and the inhaler that costs RUB 12 555. We beg you to help Rita!

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